Getting In The Game: A Webinar About Sport Sponsorships & Impact On Customer Loyalty

September 2014
39 Minutes

Do sport sponsorships create customer loyalty? Worldwide spending on sport sponsorships exceeded $50 billion in 2012 and is expected to exceed $20...     

Benchmark For Success: A Webinar Showcasing our 2014 Ipsos Loyalty Benchmarks

August 2014
30 Minutes

Bi-annually since 2004, Ipsos Loyalty has been investing in a massive R+D global study, collecting benchmark data in order to provide a clear...     

De-Constructing and Disrupting the Customer Experience

July 2014
28 Minutes

Your brand is no longer in the driver's seat! In today's competitive landscape, if you're not paying attention to "your" customer experience,...     

An Insider’s View: A Webinar Featuring Successful Approaches to Measuring Your Call-Center

June 2014
27 Minutes

Please view this recorded webinar by Ipsos Loyalty, the world’s most authoritative loyalty research firm, featuring case studies and lessons...