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The Power of Sound vs. Visuals to Drive Emotional Engagement in Advertising

July 2015
41 Minutes

Clients and ad agencies are ready to move to the next level of communications optimization. They will achieve this by understanding the relative...     

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter: A Webinar Case Study Featuring Neuroscience Techniques & Implicit Association

August 2014
45 Minutes

It’s not that people “lie” per se. But when we ask them questions, they don’t always say what they mean, or even know consciously how they feel....     

Unmasking Deeper Insights with Facial Coding

July 2014
27 Minutes

It’s often said that the face can reveal what words cannot. Whether we are aware of it or not, our faces can express and communicate a range of...     

Connecting With Shoppers In-Store: Top 10 Learnings To Optimize Your Brand’s In-Store Communications

May 2013
28:38 Minutes

More than 70% of all shopping decisions are made in-store. When point-of-purchase (POP) communications are incorporated into a brand’s marketing...