Affluents & Financial Services: A Webinar Examining the Wallets & Investment Accounts of Affluent Americans

Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Details: Start Time: 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET
Duration: 30 Minutes

Join Ipsos’ Dr. Steve Kraus for a complimentary webinar exploring emerging trends and key opportunities related to Affluents and financial services. Steve, Chief Insights Officer responsible for the Ipsos Affluent Survey, will explore Affluent moods, money and mindsets as they relate to…

  • Living & Investing Under Uncertainty: How are Affluents making financial decisions in a world full of uncertainties? We’ll explore financial decisions across time horizons, ranging from near-term spending and investing strategies to longer-term goals and the transfer of wealth.
  • Affluents & Innovation: We’ll explore Affluent interest and adoption in financial innovations such as robo-brokers, mobile wallet apps, digital-only banks, and more.
  • Affluents & Advice: What kind of financial advice do Affluents receive? How do they weigh professional advice with their own investing ideas and research? How do they choose new advisors?
  • Money & Media: A cross-platform perspective on how Affluents consume media related to money and investments

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