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Sound Off

SMX Sound Off

Sound bits (of advice) and bites (of research) from Ipsos SMX – social media research experts helping brands gain better insights to inspire and accelerate business growth.

Leveraging a Pop-up Community as an Integrated Research Platform

At Ipsos we believe in a “people first” approach to research. Our community practice is based on our strong belief that innovation and change come...     

Millennials and the Impact of Social Brand Perception

Today, knowing how your brand is perceived in social media is more critical than ever. Brand perception in social can influence everything from...     

The Role of Social Media in the Shopper Ecosystem

At Ipsos, we know that social media is becoming a bigger influence in the shopper ecosystem every day. Our research shows that 42% of Ipsos’ shopper...     

Generating Rich Community Insights in an Instant

In a study conducted with 400+ members of an Ipsos SMX community, 7-in-10 consumers say they participate because they like sharing their feedback and...     

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