• Brands with mental networks that are
    relevant to major choice occasions
    will be chosen more often and
    in many different situations.

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  • Find new knowledge beneath the surface.

    Ipsos PEEL is about the techniques we are pursuing and the
    concepts we are exploring to discover fresh knowledge and
    insights that can inform better decisions.

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  • Want to ask consumers questions at the exact
    moment you're interested in? Now you can!

    Thanks to mobile technology, you can get closer to the
    real thoughts and experiences of consumers.

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  • It's time to Change The Game

    The speed at which the world is changing inspires us
    to adapt quickly, with accurate and responsive insight.

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  • Uncover the hidden truths

    With Implicit Reaction Time, we can get
    beyond what people think they feel,
    and tap into how they really feel.

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  • We're bringing concept testing
    to the digital age.

    See how you can get faster, deeper insights and
    guidance with our new approach to concept testing.

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Ipsos Global @dvisor: Abortion


Washington, DC - A new poll conducted by Ipsos in 24 countries around the world sheds light on the global citizens’ views on the controversial subject of abortion.     

MNP Business Fraud Survey-Cyber Fraud


The MNP Business Fraud report is based on 1000 interviews of Canadian Small Business Owners (SBOs) of businesses of 5-99 employees and 1000 Canadian C-Suite Executives at businesses of 100+ employees. The report examines SBOs and C-suite executives...     

BC Views on Natural Resource Development


Vancouver, BC — A new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Resource Works shows that British Columbians believe natural resource development is good for BC and that with real discussion and debate, we can figure out how to make this...     


Seven Ways to Embed Your Enterprise Feedback Management Program to Drive Sales

Let’s cut to the chase: a truly successful enterprise feedback management program is designed with the corporate strategy central to the program and has links to seven key functions of an organization, starting with the C-Suite.

Webinar: Fall in Love with Online Communities for Product Testing

Watch this webinar to hear case studies and methods for engaging hard to reach targets, obtaining a holistic understanding of product performance and methods for interacting with consumers in real-time. As the world’s largest product testing...

Ipsos I-SAY

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