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Reuters/Ipsos Data: Core Political (1/18/2017)


Washington, DC- The latest Reuters/Ipsos Core Political was released today.     

Reuters/Ipsos Data: EPA


Washington, DC- The latest Reuters/Ipsos data reveals Americans want a strong environmental regulator.     

Six in Ten Small Business Owners in the U.S. Are Optimistic About Their Finances in 2017


New York, NY – The majority of adults who own a small business in the U.S. (defined here as owning a business that employs from 1 to 500 employees) describe having positive financial expectations when thinking about their business...     


For Affluents, Luxury Has to Be Experiential… Not Just Expensive

eMarketer, January 19, 2017 – In this interview with Ipsos’ Steve Kraus, eMarketer examines modern-day Affluents and what makes them tick. With 90% of today’s Affluent having created their own wealth in their own lifetime, value systems...

Winning Hearts & Minds: Loyalty in Action

Just because your surveys are telling you your customers are satisfied, doesn’t mean they are loyal! Loyalty is a function of both attitudes and behaviors, not fully understood via a single measure. Read our latest paper for tips and case studies...