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One in Three Canadians (36%) Spends More Time Preparing, Eating Pre-Packaged Snacks than Ones They’ve Made Fresh

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Toronto, ON – When it comes to the snacks we prepare and enjoy, Canadians’ appetite for freshly-made foods is often highly dependent on allergies. A new Ipsos survey for Enjoy Life Foods finds that in a typical week, nearly half of Canadians (46%) will spend more of their time preparing and eating fresh snacks they’ve made themselves, while just over one in three (36%) will spend more time preparing and eating pre-packaged snacks. The remaining two in ten (18%) spend roughly the same amount of time on both.     

Looking Ahead to BOC Interest Rate Announcement, Three in Ten Canadians (31%) Anticipate Taking on More Debt if Rates Decrease

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Toronto, ON-As the nation awaits the Bank of Canada’s next announcement on interest rates, a new Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of MNP Debt shows that Canadians appear more relaxed in their attitudes towards their current debt load. This is particularly the case if interest rates go down, as many anticipate taking on more debt if rates decrease.     

Fewer Canadians (82%) Think Buying a Home is a Good Investment (82%, -5 pts)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Toronto, ON – Canadians are less likely to think buying a home is a good investment than at any point since 2009, a new Ipsos poll for RBC has found. The RBC Home Ownership Poll, which has run annually since 1998, found that eight in ten Canadians (82%) currently feel that buying a house or condominium is a good investment (33% very / 49% good). While clearly a majority, this is nonetheless down five points from the 87% who said the same in 2016, and is the lowest point recorded by the survey since 2009, when consumers were still in the grips of the global financial crisis.