Activist and CITY TV Commentator, Bob Hunter, Issues Full Retraction and Apology to Ipsos-Reid for Remarks Made on Kyoto Poll

Friday, November 08, 2002

Toronto, ON — Activist and CITY-TV commentator, Bob Hunter, issued a full retraction and apology to Ipsos-Reid, Canada’s premier public opinion polling firm, for remarks which were attributed to him earlier this week. This afternoon, the retained counsel for Ipsos-Reid, Paul Schabas of Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP received the following statement from Mr. Hunter:

“In the article published in the November 6, 2002 edition of the Globe and Mail entitled “Kyoto backer lambastes Klein, Eves: Premiers labeled ‘ecological criminals’ as campaign pushing ratification begins,” I made statements challenging the reliability of a poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid Group on public support for the Kyoto Accord.

Ipsos-Reid does not design poll questions to obtain results desired by its clients. Its polls, including its poll on the Kyoto Accord, impartially and accurately measure public opinion. My statements in the Globe and Mail article are incorrect and without foundation.

I in no way intended to suggest that Ipsos-Reid and its polling work lacks integrity, or independence, or in any way falls below the standards of the public opinion polling industry. I did not intend to impugn the methodology of the poll, or the conduct of any individuals or organizations associated with its preparation.

As a result, I wish to retract my statements, I regret having made them and apologize without reservation to the Ipsos-Reid Corporation.”

John Wright, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs Division of Ipsos-Reid indicated that the firm is satisfied with the response and will not undertake any further measures on the matter.

“While we’re satisfied with the retraction we are simply disappointed that it had to come to this,” said Mr. Wright. “Mr. Hunter, as co-founder of Greenpeace, has earned tremendous respect in the environmental field for his passion for issues concerning the planet. As a commentator for CITY-TV, he is a respected commentator whom we have had the opportunity to meet with and be interviewed by in the past. We respect the relationship that pre-existed his comments and want to thank him for clarifying the record as quickly as he did.”

For more information on this news release, please contact:

John Wright
Senior Vice President
Ipsos-Reid Corporation
Telephone: (416) 324-2900

Activist and CITY TV Commentator, Bob Hunter, Issues Full Retraction and Apology to Ipsos-Reid for Remarks Made on Kyoto Poll

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