Albertans Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Nearly 6-in-10 (57%) Albertans Oppose Same Sex Marriage

A Similar Proportion (58%) Would Support Klein's Use of the 'Not Withstanding Clause' If Federal Law Redefining Marriage is Changed

Compared to One Year Ago, Albertans Less Likely to Say "We Should Be Tolerant of Those With Different Moral Standards" (56%, Down 13 points)

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Calgary, AB - As the debate over the recognition of same-sex marriage continues across the country and as the Federal Government seeks an opinion from the Supreme Court over its draft legislation, a new Ipsos-Reid/CFCN/Globe and Mail poll shows that Albertans are generally opposed to same-sex marriage and willing...

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Albertans Oppose Same Sex Marriage

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Jamie Duncan
Vice President, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs