Ipsos Announces Key Western Canadian Market Research Appointments

Experienced Researchers To Take On Lead Roles As Business Growth Continues

Monday, March 06, 2006

Calgary, AB — Ipsos, Canada’s market intelligence leader and the country’s most trusted research brand, today announced a number of new hires and promotions in its Western Business Unit to meet growing demand from its clients for advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, and public affairs research.

Ipsos employs 225 professional researchers and support staff at its Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, and Seattle offices, and serves a number of high profile Western-based global, regional and local clients.

In addition to recently hiring 10 researchers in Calgary and Vancouver, Ipsos also announced the following key client service appointments::

Steve Mossop (Vancouver office) has been promoted to President, Market Research Canada West. Steve is responsible for managing Ipsos’ sector practice areas in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, and Seattle. He was recently selected for inclusion in Business in Vancouver’s 15th annual “Top 40 under 40” feature, and has been a sought-after speaker at local conferences, including Techvibes Massive 2006 in Vancouver.

Tim Olafson (Calgary Office) has been promoted to President, Ipsos Observer. Ipsos Observer is a new North American-based service for research clients whose requirements end at data collection services (online, telephone, and mail), and who require accurate, cost-effective, and timely data for their research needs. Tim moves to this position after significant contributions to the outstanding growth of Market Research Canada West as its Senior Vice President and General Manager.

Majid Khoury (Vancouver office) has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Ipsos ASI. Majid joined Ipsos ASI in July 2003 with the acquisition of his company TTI Market Explorers. Majid’s advertising research specialist team has more than doubled in size over the past two years, helping clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process and to maximize the return on their advertising investment.

Tim Moro (Calgary office) has taken over the responsibilities of managing Ipsos' market research business in Alberta, in addition to his current role as Senior Vice President, Energy Practice. Tim has been instrumental in developing Ipsos’ specialized energy sector research expertise over the past nine years. As leader of the Energy Practice team, he ensures Ipsos researchers stay on top of the shifting consumer trends and brand perceptions, new technology developments, diverse and demanding stakeholders, fierce competition, and complex industry regulations that characterize the energy sector.

Paul Lauzon (Calgary office) has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Lottery and Gaming Practice. Paul joins Tim Moro as leaders of the Calgary management team, taking over these responsibilities from Tim Olafson. Paul joined the Lottery & Gaming team in 1997, and has played a key role in growing Ipsos’ specialized sector expertise in the lottery and gaming industry in North America, which now offers the Lottery and Gaming Interactive Forum, a web- based, pre-screened, staged consumer panel to aid clients with quick and cost-effective decision-making.

Dave Pierzchala (Vancouver office) has been promoted to Vice President, Travel and Tourism Practice. Dave has been a consistent top performer, having worked to build this sector since the beginning of his career with Ipsos in 1995. He has developed research solutions to help some of the world’s top airlines, hotel chains, and entertainment destinations grow their business as well as strategic and tactical research on behalf of governments, provincial and state tourism departments, and major private sector industry suppliers.

Jennifer Fleming (Calgary office) has been promoted to Senior Research Manager, Lottery and Gaming Practice. Jennifer successfully completed the Ipsos’ internship program two years ago and has been working as a Research Manager with the Lottery and Gaming team. Over the past two years, Jennifer’s skills and expertise in qualitative and quantitative research have grown and developed at an accelerated pace. She conducts market segmentation, game development research, and marketing communications and public policy reviews for lottery and gaming stakeholders.

Catherine Gunther (Vancouver office) has been promoted to Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Public Affairs. Catherine has played a key role in developing Ipsos’ municipal affairs practice and is now responsible for managing all work with BC municipalities. Over the past year alone, Ipsos Reid’s Municipal Affairs practice has conducted research for clients in 24 different municipalities, including research on parks and recreation, public policy issues, strategic planning, environmental issues, communications, quality of life, and citizen satisfaction.

“Ipsos’ healthy and strong growth in the West comes from our industry-leading operations capabilities, cutting edge techniques and analytics, and a dedicated team of sector experts in each of our four areas of expertise: advertising, marketing, customer loyalty, and public affairs research,” said Gary Bennewies, President and Country Manager of Ipsos Canada. “These and other appointments and promotions reflect Ipsos’ philosophy of nurturing and developing the potential of our team, attracting elite research talent with exceptional industry understanding, and providing innovative and inspired research solutions to our global client roster.”

To read about career opportunities with Ipsos in Canada, please visit www.ipsos-na.com/careers.

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Founded in 1975, Ipsos is the only global, independent, publicly listed research company controlled and managed by market research professionals. With offices in more than 40 countries, Ipsos is now the third largest survey-based research company globally. In 2005, Ipsos generated global revenues of €717.8 million ($853.8 million U.S.). To learn more, please visit our website at www.ipsos.ca.

About Ipsos Reid
Ipsos Reid is Canada’s market intelligence leader, the country’s leading provider of public opinion research, and research partner for loyalty and forecasting and modelling insights. With operations in eight cities, Ipsos Reid employs more than 300 research professionals and support staff in Canada. The company has the biggest network of telephone call centres in the country, as well as the largest pre-recruited household and online panels. Ipsos Reid’s marketing research and public affairs practices offer the premier suite of research vehicles in Canada, all of which provide clients with actionable and relevant information. Staffed with seasoned research consultants with extensive industry-specific backgrounds, Ipsos Reid offers syndicated information or custom solutions across key sectors of the Canadian economy, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, automotive, retail, and technology & telecommunications. Ipsos Reid is an Ipsos company, a leading global survey- based market research group. To learn more, visit www.ipsos.ca.

About Ipsos ASI
Ipsos ASI is a leading provider of advertising and brand equity research expertise around the world. In Canada, Ipsos ASI has offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, offering validated research solutions needed to help marketers make the best decisions throughout all stages of the advertising and brand equity building process. They are committed to providing the best research decision-making criteria to maximize the expected return on investment. This is done at the development stage of advertising to increase in-market success; through active in-market monitoring to keep a pulse on the brand’s equity dynamics; by capturing the impact from marketing initiatives; and importantly, in a competitive context, providing consultation on achieving optimal media mix and spend levels. Ipsos ASI has expertise in advertising, media, and brand equity, and shares a passion to help marketers build better brands. Ipsos ASI is an Ipsos company, a leading global survey-based market research group. To learn more, visit www.ipsos.ca.

Ipsos Announces Key Western Canadian Market Research Appointments

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