Ipsos Taps Into The Pulse Of America’s Growing Hispanic Demographic

Research Company’s Omnibus Research Service “Ahora Disponible En Español!”

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New York, NY – Responding to the increasing need of marketers to reach out to and understand the fast growing Hispanic population in the U.S., Ipsos is offering its Omnibus service in the Spanish language. The recently launched Ipsos Hispanic Express Omnibus becomes the only Hispanic Omnibus survey to start every week, allowing for faster data collection and more immediate results.

The Ipsos Hispanic Express Omnibus survey was designed to help consumer product companies, governments, and corporations better understand the distinct needs and opinions of the Hispanic market. The survey allows clients to evaluate customer service and attitudes, measure issue awareness, test advertising effectiveness, profile customer relationships, and other valuable metrics required to make informed decisions.

“While the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Hispanics make up 15% of the U.S. population and expects this proportion to grow up to 25% by 2050, Hispanics are more often than not underrepresented in survey samples, especially those who are not acculturated,” says Julio Franco, Research Manager with Ipsos Public Affairs. “The Ipsos Hispanic Express Omnibus is a cost and time efficient solution that accurately reflects the attitudes and behaviors of this important segment of the population.”

Aaron Amic is Vice President with Ipsos Public Affairs and oversees Omnibus Services in the U.S. He adds, “This market has seen substantial growth over the last decade. Any company or government entity who wants to be in touch with their customers or stakeholders cannot afford to ignore this dynamic segment of the population. Ipsos now offers a cost effective way of reaching this population.”

Data for the Ipsos Hispanic Express Omnibus surveys are collected via Ipsos’ national network of over 1,000 Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing stations, with 500 interviews completed in each wave, in the respondent’s language of choice—English or Spanish.

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Ipsos conducts polling on behalf of the Associated Press, the world’s oldest and largest news organization.

In 2007, Ipsos generated 927.2 million euros ($1.27 billion U.S.) in total revenues, of which 31% came from its North American operations. The Paris-based company was founded in 1975 and has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999.

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Ipsos Taps Into The Pulse Of America’s Growing Hispanic Demographic

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