One Quarter (24%) Of Canadian Workforce Concerned About Holding On To Their Jobs

Current Economy Has Canadians Anxious, Distracted, and Seeking Communication from Management about Job Security in Year Ahead

Monday, February 09, 2009

Toronto, ON - Does the current economic crisis have Canadian employees worried about their jobs? The short answer is yes! According to Ipsos Reid’s Better Workplace Syndicated Study on employee relationship management, 24% of Canadians said they were very much concerned or somewhat concerned when asked “how concerned are you that you may lose your job or be laid off during 2009 because of the recent market melt-down?”

“We’re seeing concerns throughout all levels the organizational structure,” says JB Aloy, Ipsos’ resident expert on employee research. “From managers, to technical specialists, to workers on the floor, there is a great concern across all career streams about what this crisis means for their job.”

A breakdown of the various sectors reflects different levels of concern in different economic segments. Only 14% of public sector employees are concerned that this economy will put their jobs in jeopardy. In the private sector, that concern is shared by 27% of employees. Not surprising, the manufacturing sector is the most anxious: 40% of employees in the sector are concerned about job cutbacks and losses.

In organizations where layoffs have already been announced, anxiety is at the highest. Nearly half (48%) are concerned that they may be next on the chopping block.

Nationwide, Eastern Canada is more concerned than Western Canada. In Ontario, 30% of employees are concerned, whereas slightly fewer (21%) of their counterparts in Western Canada share that concern.

“With up to a quarter of the nation’s work force concerned about their future with their employers, management and human resource professionals have to make sure they reassure these anxieties and instil employee confidence in the organization,” add Aloy. “In recessionary times, it is even more important to harness the creativity and resourcefulness of your people to get through the tough spots, but keeping productivity and efficiencies high is challenging when employees fear the worst.”

Alleviating anxiety is critical, but are organizations doing a good job of that? When asked whether their organization had communicated with them about the situation, 52% said their organization had not. Of those who stated that their organization had communicated to them about the situation, only half felt that their organization had done an effective job in communicating what was happening in their organization.

The results were obtained from the Better Workplace Syndicated Study, an online poll of over 1,100 employees in Canada, completed on January 20, 2009. In addition to asking employees about their job security, the poll delved into issues related to career goals and wellness at work.

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About Ipsos’ Better Workplace Products

The Better Workplace Syndicated Study is a quarterly online study of employees across Canada used to identify and measure key trends in recruiting, employee engagement, career planning, wellness and retention.

As organizations re-invent themselves during the current economic situation, many have found it helpful to obtain quick input and pulse checks from their own staff. Ipsos offers the Better Workplace Panel, a customized research tool specifically designed for employers and human resource professionals. These customized, proprietary panels consist of organization employees, allowing clients to conduct short, cost-effective surveys four or six times per year with rapid turn-around on results.

Results from the most recent syndicated study and information on Ipsos’ customized panel offerings can be found at or by contacting JB Aloy by e-mail at or by phone at (416) 324-4494.

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One Quarter (24%) Of Canadian Workforce Concerned About Holding On To Their Jobs

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