New Research Tool Examines Needs of Ethnic and New Canadians

Ipsos Launches ‘Multicultural Connection’ Panel to Help Introduce Marketers to Growing Segment

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Toronto, ON – Ipsos Reid is proud to announce the launch of the 'Multicultural Connection' Panel, an online panel of 3,000 ethnic and new Canadians that gives marketers the option of tapping into this growing segment of the population at a fraction of the cost of traditional ethnic research.

Canada is becoming increasingly diverse, especially key cities such as Toronto and Vancouver where 25% of the population is South Asian or Chinese, and 42% of the population is one of nine visible minority groups. Ethnic groups are now a significant and growing segment of our general population. Marketers cannot afford to see these ethnic groups as small niche segments anymore. At Ipsos we are committed to understanding the diversity which is the Canada of the present and more so the Canada of the future.

Ipsos' Multicultural Connection Panel is a key tool for marketers who wish to capture this present and emerging opportunity quickly amongst growing groups of recently arrived and more settled immigrants. The Panel has been specifically designed to help marketers understand the thoughts, behaviours, and attitudes of ethnic and new Canadians so that they in turn can better meet the unique needs of this growing segment. It also enables ethnic and new Canadians to voice their opinions—an often sought out group that until now, has not been easy to access.

The Multicultural Connection Panel is housed in Ipsos Reid's Interactive Forum (IAF) software, which is a custom panel platform that includes the panellist database (sample), survey scripting and research results data all-in-one. The IAF software allows for direct client access to results online, real-time data with multiple reporting and data export formats, such as PDF, Excel and SPSS. Since the launch of IAF software in 2005, Ipsos has recruited over 100,000 panellists and has launched over 700 IAF surveys on behalf of many large, multi- national clients.

Some key benefits of conducting research using the Multicultural Connection Panel is that it allows participants to respond in the written languages they are most comfortable with. It is currently available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, and English, with opportunities to expand language capabilities as the panel grows. As well, an open- ended forum question engages members in a live discussion about the topic at hand. Another advantage of conducting research using the panel is the ability to test visuals (images and/or videos) to gain further insight to meet your research objectives. Further, housing the Multicultural Connection panel in our Interactive Forum software allows us to conduct research with this segment at prices that are 30% to 50% lower than traditional telephone methodologies.

"Ethnic and new Canadians are a growing and influential group within the Canadian population," says Patricia Simmie, Executive Vice President at Ipsos Reid in Toronto. "To illustrate that, consider that within this larger group, two ethnic groups—namely South Asians and Chinese—total 2.5 million people in Canada. In fact, in some communities within the Greater Toronto Area (e.g. Markham) and Metro Vancouver (e.g. Richmond), over 50% of the community's population is South Asian or Chinese. Not only is their size relevant, but also because of their geographic concentration these groups represent significant opportunities for marketers. The Multicultural Connection Panel provides marketers with a cost efficient and effective tool to identify opportunities and test messaging as well as product and service offerings for appropriateness and resonance."

The Multicultural Connection Panel is offered by Ipsos Reid's Ethnic and New Canadians research team, made up of researchers from diverse backgrounds that are bilingual in English and their various native languages. The team, spearheaded by Patricia Simmie, offers integrated services with other Ipsos divisions, combining the strength of Ipsos Reid's in-depth knowledge across industries with ethnic and new Canadians research expertise. To keep the Panel robust and relevant, Ipsos continuously recruits new members and panellists and actively seeks input from various ethnic and new Canadians. In particular, Ipsos looks to drive and entice more South Asian and Chinese Canadians to get involved. Currently, the Multicultural Connection Panel consists of 3,000 panellists, and there are plans to grow the panel to 5,000 members and higher by the end of 2009.

"The Panel also serves as a 'voice' for ethnic and new Canadians," adds Ms. Simmie. "It is an outstanding way for them to let marketers know their specific concerns and voice their opinions on the products and services they need."

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New Research Tool Examines Needs of Ethnic and New Canadians

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