The Future of Forecasting is Here

Ipsos Marketing Launches Groundbreaking Forecasting System that Measures CPG Market Potential throughout the Innovation Process

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New York, NY – Need to know the sales potential of your new product sooner rather than later? Ipsos Marketing has launched a modular forecasting tool that can measure the potential of new CPG products at any stage of the innovation process. The NOVACTION® NextGen Forecasting System offers Marketers insights into their new products’ sales potential as early as the idea stage and provides a flexible, cost-effective and reliable research solution.

“Today’s Marketers are faced with new challenges that cannot always be met by traditional forecasting systems,” says Lauren Demar, CEO of Ipsos Marketing, Global Consumer Goods. “They have many more innovations in the pipeline and there is a greater need to get an earlier read on initiative potential than ever before. Marketers need a flexible, fast, and cost-effective forecasting system. That’s why Ipsos Marketing developed the NOVACTION® NextGen Forecasting System.”

Demar continues, “NOVACTION® NextGen is a research solution that answers many of the questions Marketers ask upfront when they initiate a product innovation, as well as the questions they ask throughout the process: ‘How can I assess market opportunity?’; ‘How can I lower forecasting costs?’; ‘How can I evaluate an innovation throughout the mix development process, instead of just at the end?’ We created NOVACTION® NextGen to help our clients answer these questions.”

NOVACTION NextGen is based on Ipsos’ DESIGNOR® STM forecasting model, which has been validated within 9% of actual sales. NOVACTION NextGen forecasts can be added to a wide array of innovation tools that clients are already using, including idea testing, concept screening, concept and product testing, communication testing, package testing, and line and price optimization.

According to Jeff Jacobs (Vice President, Global Product Center, Ipsos Marketing), who spearheaded the development of NOVACTION® NextGen, “The system is unlike anything else in the market today. It provides market assessment throughout the innovation process based on consistent measures that not only link the stages together, but also have been proven to drive new product success. NOVACTION® NextGen is a fully customizable and easy-to-comprehend research solution that helps our clients steer their innovations to market success right from the start.”

NOVACTION® NextGen is part of a continuously innovative suite of products designed by Ipsos Marketing to help clients build successful new products and grow strong brands throughout all stages of the product life cycle. For more details on these and other market research solutions, tools, and products, visit .

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In 2008, Ipsos generated global revenues of €979.3 million ($1.34 billion U.S.).

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The Future of Forecasting is Here

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