Betty White Scores a Touchdown for Snickers

Ipsos ASI Study Reveals the Winning Ads from the 2010 Super Bowl

Monday, March 29, 2010

New York, NY – Her weak tackling skills may not have helped the New Orleans Saints march off with this year’s Super Bowl title, but Betty White certainly helped Snickers win the battle of the Super Bowl ads. A study of this year’s Super Bowl U.S. television ads conducted by Ipsos ASI, the advertising and brand research specialty of global research firm Ipsos, revealed that the Snickers spot featuring the former “Golden Girl” and “Mary Tyler Moore Show” veteran was a big advertising win for the Mars, Incorporated brand.

“Super Bowl ads are some of the most talked about, most creative and most viewed advertisements on the TV calendar. They are also some of the most expensive,” says Wendy Swiggert, Senior Vice President with Ipsos ASI. “Given the great attention, risk and expense associated with producing and airing Super Bowl ads, Ipsos ASI decided to study the impact and effectiveness of this year’s crop of ads. What we found was that some ads are really great at building the brand while others merely pass as good entertainment.”

Ipsos ASI’s testing ranked the Snickers ad featuring Betty White as the most entertaining, most unique, best liked and most talked about Super Bowl ad of 2010. The ad also had wide appeal and was equally liked and found to be entertaining by both men and women, and by older and younger target groups alike.

While the Snickers ad hit high marks with its message of “You’re not you when you’re hungry, you’re Betty White”, the candy company and the octogenarian had some less chocolaty and much younger company to contend with for the title of most recalled ad of the 2010 Super Bowl broadcast.

E*trade’s smooth talking, stock trading baby was also a hit with audiences, featuring an advertising message and creative that had the highest recall rates with audiences.

“Our testing showed that 80% of respondents were able to recall the talking babies in the ad and 70% recalled the ad’s basic message that E*trade is easy to do,” adds Swiggert. “Their ‘Milk-a-holic’ spot drove home the point that E*trade makes stock trading a cinch, but did so in a way that was entertaining and memorable to the large and diverse Super Bowl audience.”

Not every ad had such universal success. Ipsos ASI’s tests showed that by combining Coca Cola and the Mr. Burns character from “The Simpsons” with creative that incorporates the recent financial crisis, advertisers sometimes hit some target markets better than others.

“The Coca-Cola spot with Mr. Burns had a much more positive impact with men than it did with women,” says Swiggert. “Men perceive themselves to have been harder hit by the financial downturn, so the story of Mr. Burns losing his fortune and then finding happiness with a Coke made men feel better about Coca-Cola than women. Women penalized Coca-Cola for the spot because in their minds, the ad did a poor job of living up to their expectations of portraying what a good soft drink should be like.”

Ipsos ASI has the ability to collect true Next Day Recall for all types of ads. This enables ASI to understand if an ad leaves a lasting, branded impression, and what specific impression it leaves.

The study of this year’s Super Bowl ads showed that advertisers who understood the audience, connected their creative back to their brand and still managed to entertain the masses had the most success. And those that focused on strict entertainment failed to breakthrough on recall with audiences and either weren't remembered the next day or weren't given credit for the ad.

Ipsos ASI's Super Bowl test was conducted using its proprietary Next*Connect platform, which enables the collection of true Next Day ad and brand Recall, as well as a rich battery of diagnostics in an interactive, online environment. For this study, Ipsos ASI selected a mix of some of the most buzzed about Super Bowl ads and tested them in an all-Super Bowl ad environment, to replicate the effect of the game broadcast itself. Which ads would standout among the many high profile ads shown? For each of the 23 ads tested, Ipsos ASI collected Next Day Recall among 100 Men and 100 Women, with a balanced mix of ages (50% 21-34, 50% 35-65). For most of the ads, Ipsos ASI also collected ad Diagnostics among this sample, although for a few ads which seemed particularly Male-targeted (Dove Men+Care and Dockers), women were excluded from the Diagnostic sample.

Ads tested include:

Coca-Cola: “Hard Times”
E*Trade: “Baby Girlfriend”
Dr Pepper Cherry: “Little Kiss”
Doritos: “House Rules”
Dove Men+Care: “William Tell”
Kia Sorento: “Sock Monkey”
Doritos: “Voice Box”
Dockers: “I Wear No Pants”
Bud Light: “Light House”
Dodge Charger: “Man's Last Stand”
Intel Core Processor: “Robot”
Snickers: “Betty White”
Kgb: “Sumo”
Bud Light: ”Stranded”
CareerBuilder: “Casual Friday”
Bridgestone: ”Your Tires or Your Life”
Coca-Cola: ”Sleepwalker”
Audi A3 TDI: “Green Police”
PopSecret and Emerald Nuts: “Aquatic” “Fiddling Beaver”
Boost Mobile: “Shuffle”
Bridgestone: “Whale of a Tale”
Motoblur: “Bathtub”

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Betty White Scores a Touchdown for Snickers

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