Ipsos OTX MediaCT Launches New Syndicated Study: LMX Family – First Two Waves Reveal Significant Changes in Media Multitasking

LMX Family forges strategic partnership with leading database and reporting supplier Infotools allowing customizable view of Media Habits of America’s Kids and Families

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York, NY – Four-in-ten moms say it was their idea to get their child a mobile phone. Over half of parents of 6-12 year olds allow their kids to see PG-13 movies. During the last year, both parents and kids have significantly increased multitasking online while watching television.

These are just a few of the latest key findings from LMX (Longitudinal Media Experience) Family, an annual syndicated research study launched by Ipsos OTX MediaCT. LMX Family offers trended data on media adoption and utilization in today’s busy families and is part of a portfolio of syndicated tracking products that provide a unique multi-dimensional perspective of consumer engagement with media, technology, content and brands.

“Kids today are exposed to more information than any generation to come before them, and they access content across a wide variety of platforms,” says Donna Sabino, Senior Vice President of Kids and Family Insights, Ipsos OTX Media CT. “Understanding this demographic is critical for marketers and content creators as it provides a view of what the future of media and advertising will look like. Unlike adults who have had to adapt to this new media environment, kids have never known a world where content was not available 24/7, across a wide variety of technologies, wherever they are.”

Conducted annually among 2000 U.S. online kids, ages 6 to 12, and a parent, LMX Family is the only study that offers a holistic view of the family media & entertainment experience, with information garnered from both parents and their kids. It is comprised of two modules: a (M)eDiary among kids to capture past day activities; and an Activities & Usage module among kids and parents that adds device ownership, usage, and co-entertainment activities.

“Families with young children use media and technology for much more than just entertainment,” says Sabino. “They quickly adapt these platforms to help them manage the challenges they face in this busy, time-crunched world we live in.”

LMX Family provides subscribers with a window into which media and technology platforms are growing and which are becoming obsolete and how these changes will impact all businesses targeting the kids and family market segment.

The 2010 launch of LMX Family also marks the commencement of a partnership between Ipsos OTX MediaCT and Infotools, a leading supplier of database services, reporting and data viewing tools. Infotools’ HARMONI solution provides a fast, user-friendly interface through which subscribers at all levels will have database and interactive report library access to LMX Family data for greater learning and more informed decision making. HARMONI will also enable discovery of insights from other Ipsos OTX MediaCT syndicated studies: LMX (general market) and ConsumerMaps™, a revolution in brand evaluation which tracks consumer-to-brand and brand-to-brand relationships over time.

“Today’s client demands greater value from every research dollar which means more time learning, interpreting and activating and less time processing and reporting,” says Bruce Friend, President, Ipsos OTX MediaCT. “The Infotools solution offers unprecedented flexibility, turning facts into intelligence vital for competing in today’s environment. Together LMX Family and Infotools offer a powerful platform for clients who wish to tap into a new kind of dialogue with kids and families.”

For more information on the LMX Family study, visit: http://www.ipsos-na.com/products-tools/media-content-technology/lmx-family/. Download a pdf of the LMX Family sell sheet here: http://www.ipsos-na.com/dl/pdf/products-tools/media-content-technology/ipsos_mediact_lmx_family.pdf.

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Ipsos OTX MediaCT Launches New Syndicated Study: LMX Family – First Two Waves Reveal Significant Changes in Media Multitasking

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