Americans Love Their Gaming Consoles As Much As Their Cars

Ipsos Study Compares Differences in Opinions about Customer Satisfaction for Multiple Industries

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New York, NY – A new Ipsos study finds that gamers are as passionate about their gaming consoles as auto buyers are about their cars. In a study of over 3000 Americans, Ipsos Loyalty investigated Americans’ level of satisfaction with ten industries with which they typically interact. “Gaming consoles and cars stood out from the pack,” says Tim Keiningham, global chief strategy officer at Ipsos Loyalty. “It appears that America’s famous love affair with the car is being challenged by a newer technology.”

But advanced technology did not assure happy customers, particularly as it relates to the infrastructure necessary to operate our technological devices. As Keiningham points out, “Despite all the developments in cellular technology, Americans’ satisfaction with their mobile telephone provider is at the bottom of our list, tied with computer operating systems.”

In fact, for most industries under investigation, businesses noted for face-to-face service tended to outperform technology-driven sectors. For example, banks came in third in the study. “Banks were viewed favorably by Americans—or more specifically, Americans viewed their banks favorably,” Keiningham observes. “The good news for banks is that despite the recent financial crisis, Americans tend to hold positive feelings about the place where they bank. Clearly, Americans distinguish between the bailout and the local branch of their bank.”

The table below presents the full list of industries studied.

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Americans Love Their Gaming Consoles As Much As Their Cars

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