Ipsos Study Shows Radio has Positive Impact at all Stages of Purchase Funnel

Monday, November 07, 2011

New York, NY - Ipsos OTX MediaCT has undertaken an on-going evaluation of radio campaigns in partnership with Katz Marketing Solutions. The first release of the results provide a compelling story for radio as exposure to the campaigns had a positive impact on consumer’s at all stages of the purchase funnel. According to Bruce Friend, President of Ipsos OTX MediaCT: “These results have demonstrated to us the power of radio.”

The approach compared results from people who had listened to at least one of the stations included in the campaign with a control group of people in the same markets who had not listened to those stations. Numerous brand metrics were included as well as questions that focused on the ads themselves. Key findings:

Radio can impact brands all along the purchase funnel

Radio can be used to improve a brand at stages all the way from creating awareness to enhancing the likelihood that the consumer will recommend the brand to a friend. It is a versatile tool that can be used to meet a variety of objectives.

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Radio works across a variety of categories

Campaigns for movies, financial services, retail, consumer durables and fast food have been evaluated so far. All of them showed stronger results among radio station listeners than the control group of non-listeners. And as noted above, improvement was seen on multiple brand measures for all the campaigns.

Radio ads need to work at an emotional level as well as a rational one

While many people see radio primarily as a way of communicating a wealth of information about a brand these results show the importance of connecting at an emotional level with consumers. The strength of emotional response to each ad used in the campaigns was measured using Ipsos’ proprietary Emotive Power measure. Stronger campaigns used ads with greater emotional power. This finding throws a challenge to creatives developing radio spots to generate ideas and content for ads that go beyond information and connect with the consumer.

The project was commissioned by Katz Marketing Solutions, the leading media representative for the radio industry. In this role, they have a distinct interest in helping advertisers understand the efficacy of radio, what its proper role is in the media mix and how to make it work even harder. This led them to approach the team at Ipsos OTX MediaCT to develop this in-market evaluation tool that they could use to better understand exactly how radio worked. Bob McCurdy, President of Katz Marketing Solutions stated that: “We’re determined to provide advertisers with empirical proof of performance illustrating how radio positively impacts the five key branding metrics. These studies have confirmed what we’ve always have known to be true, that radio works and that its ability to positively impact marketing campaigns is far greater than its cost.”

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Ipsos Study Shows Radio has Positive Impact at all Stages of Purchase Funnel

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