Synovate Healthcare Publishes In-depth Review of Type 2 Diabetes Global Surge, Including Treatment Evaluation and Market Outlook

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Synovate was acquired by Ipsos in October 2011. The research discussed in this press release was conducted prior to the acquisition, using Synovate’s research policies and methodologies.

Chicago, IL — With an alarming growth rate, type 2 diabetes is spreading rapidly across the globe affecting both emerging and industrialised countries. Synovate Healthcare, the healthcare specialist division of global custom market research firm Synovate, recently published "The Type 2 Diabetes Pandemic and the Race for the Optimal Treatment", offering insight into the causes and available treatments, as well as the global burden inflicted by this growing condition. The review also explores the market as opportunities abound in the race to save lives.

Diabetes, a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in the body's ability to produce and/or use insulin, is a severe and dangerous pathology with an underestimated morbidity rate. Synovate Healthcare's studies found that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes will continue to increase, especially in emerging markets, where it will account for 80% of the total diabetes population by 2030. Diabetes is also associated with a host of other diseases--many patients who die of cardiovascular morbidities developed their lethal condition due to the presence of diabetes, which could be argued to be the root cause of their death.

Due to great investment by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, there are multiple classes of therapy available for type 2 diabetes patients. Current treatment options can improve the quality of life and life expectancy of diabetes patients, as well as delay the onset of concomitant conditions. In the long term, however, many fail at maintaining their glycemic values within safe levels and at preserving the functionality of pancreatic beta cells. Many of the treatment options are often also accompanied by a range of side-effects which often serve as barriers to treatment use.

The approach to the treatment of diabetes has become patient-tailored, similar to oncology, with the goal of incremental improvement through use of different combination therapies, increasing the demand for treatment exploration. Synovate Healthcare's paper outlines the players in the market, which, while including some of the most recognizable names, contains pharmaceutical companies new to diabetes, as well as smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies that want in on the diabetes pipeline.

Synovate Healthcare's studies also expose a marked difference between industrialised markets and new emerging nations in prescribing attitudes. The duality of these markets presents opportunity but will also need to be navigated carefully.

"Emerging markets represent an increasingly important challenge to pharmaceutical companies active in the diabetes space," said Federico Gallo, Head of Synovate Healthcare's Diabetes Portfolio and author of the review. "In many instances, attitudes towards treating this disease vary widely from country to country, and even within one single region, no emerging market is the same. Hence, our Diabetes Monitors, available in China, Korea, Australia and India, and soon to be launched in Latin America and Russia, provide companies with an important tool to understand the treatment landscapes in greater detail."

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Synovate Healthcare Publishes In-depth Review of Type 2 Diabetes Global Surge, Including Treatment Evaluation and Market Outlook

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