Ipsos Healthcare Launches New Suite of Molecular Diagnostics Products, Starting with Oncology MDx Monitor

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New York, NY – Ipsos Healthcare, the leader in providing global patient audit data across therapy areas, is launching a new suite of Molecular Diagnostic Monitors to complement its Global Therapy Monitors. This new family of studies aims to provide a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder view of the rapidly expanding global MDx (molecular diagnostics) market in multiple indications. First in line is the Oncology MDx Monitor, further strengthening Ipsos Healthcare’s Global Oncology Portfolio.

“The trend towards a personalized, fully targeted approach of treating cancer continues to accelerate, with agents targeting new molecular markers being incorporated into the patient management framework every year,” says Pieter De Richter, Vice President of Global Therapy Monitors. “Alongside the development of new targeted therapies, the molecular diagnostics market itself is undergoing somewhat of a revolution, with several pharmaceutical companies recently entering into important partnerships with developers of MDx tests. The companion diagnostics market landscape is set to change significantly over the next few years, with regulatory bodies such as the FDA in the process of reviewing their stance on pre-launch approval requirements for commercially available MDx tests.”

With the Molecular Diagnostics Monitor, Ipsos Healthcare will collect and incorporate data from a number of key respondent types, including cancer-treating physicians, pathologists, and lab technicians/cytologists. Perceptual data, including awareness and attitudes towards currently available and future MDx tests, will be collected alongside real patient-level and test-level data, giving clients a unique and comprehensive view of the interview between perceptions and testing behaviour. “The procedure for ordering, conducting, analysing and implementing MDx tests is complex, and varies significantly from practice to practice. It is not always straightforward to identify the key steps and players in the decision making process, and distinguish the various barriers and drivers that inhibit or lead to the uptake of a specific type of test. Furthermore, oncologists themselves are often not aware of the exact MDx test that was used, or the reasons for the selection of the specific manufacturer and location. By taking a multi-stakeholder approach to this market, we ensure that we put all the relevant pieces of this highly complex puzzle in place for our clients,” adds De Richter.

Companion diagnostics only make up a subset of the Oncology MDx market, and Ipsos Healthcare will also collect crucial information on MDx tests used to confirm diagnosis, aid with prognosis, and monitor treatment response. “We really are going for a complete picture of the entire MDx spectrum here, from initial diagnosis through to measuring disease progression. It is this comprehensive approach, combined with our unrivalled expertise and global footprint, which makes this new product truly unique. As a company, we are very excited about this launch,” concludes De Richter.

The Oncology Molecular Diagnostics Monitor is set to launch in Q2 2012, with first wave results available in Q3. Initial market coverage will include U.S. and 5EU markets (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK), with additional launches in Japan and APAC expected later this year.

For more information about the Oncology Molecular Diagnostics Monitor, please visit http://www.ipsos-na.com/products-tools/marketing/health-pharmaceuticals-product/oncology-molecular-diagnostics-monitor.aspx.

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Ipsos Healthcare Launches New Suite of Molecular Diagnostics Products, Starting with Oncology MDx Monitor

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