New Research Solution from Ipsos Delivers on Digital Advertising Excellence

Ipsos ASI Introduces Live|Test Solution for Better Digital Brand Performance

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Chicago, IL – Whether online or mobile, digital advertising is having an impact on brand performance. For marketers and advertisers looking to stake their claim of the digital ad gold mine, there’s a new and innovative research solution from Ipsos ASI. Live|Test was designed by Ipsos’ digital advertising research team to help marketers and advertisers ensure the true potential of their digital communications. Live|Test is Ipsos ASI|digital’s answer to the question “how can my brand win in the digital ad age?”.

“With so much to learn and so much at stake in the digital age, marketers need to determine the true potential of their digital ads in a real context, real world situation prior to executing a broad media buy,” says Peter Haslett from Ipsos ASI|digital. “We developed Live|Test to do just that. Live|Test allows users to get real-time insights into the synergies of their creative content and media buy.”

The ultimate goal of Live|Test is to better empower marketers and advertisers to make the right decisions for their brand through understanding:

  • which creative is working the hardest to achieve their brand’s objectives
  • how they can optimize creative before launch
  • how creative should perform across top websites

Building on Ipsos ASI’s deeply entrenched foundation of industry leading communications testing, Live|Test leverages the technology advances inherent in the online medium to ensure consumers are exposed to a brand’s content during natural navigation and within a real context. Combining behavioral web analytics with survey data, Live|Test provides a holistic measure of real brand effects and media effects. The result is a reliable and objective measure of insights into the synergies of creative and media buy.

“I’ve been involved in digital advertising research for 12 years and this is one of the most innovative new research solutions I’ve seen in recent years,” adds Ken Mallon, Global Head of Ipsos ASI|digital. “The market is ready for a fast, accurate solution that doesn’t hinder the consumer web browsing experience. I’m delighted our experts at Ipsos are the first to bring this to the marketplace.”

The team at Ipsos ASI|digital devised and built Live|Test through a unique partnership that included a number of clients who served as beta participants in the development of the product. Although not a complete list of participants, some of the organizations involved in the beta testing included: La Poste, the national postal service of France; global food and beverage conglomerate, Kraft Foods; worldwide financial services organization, MasterCard; and multinational consumer products company, Colgate-Palmolive.

“We created Live|Test to meet real world needs and thanks to our beta participants, we gained invaluable insight and input from marketers and advertisers who represent some of the most successful brands in the world,” adds Haslett. “The result is a product that meets the demands and objectives of today’s digital marketer, yet offers a mutual benefit of shared learnings on what makes the digital world tick.”

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Leah McTiernan
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New Research Solution from Ipsos Delivers on Digital Advertising Excellence

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Leah McTiernan
Vice President, North America
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