Ipsos ASI Gets a Leadership Boost in Canada

Gordon Bingham Promoted to President with Ipsos ASI in Canada

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Toronto, ON – Advertising in Canada is a bit different. Especially in 2013. To help Ipsos’ advertising and brand management clients reach their goals and better understand their audiences across Canada, Ipsos has promoted experienced advertising researcher Gordon Bingham to the role of President with Ipsos ASI in Canada. The announcement comes from both Gary Bennewies, President & CEO with Ipsos Canada, and Jim Meyer, CEO for Ipsos ASI in North America.

Gordon Bingham

“Gordon Bingham has been a part of Ipsos ASI Canada from its beginning, and has always demonstrated a passion for advertising research and the success of our clients,” says Gary Bennewies of the promotion. “He’s played a critical role in establishing Ipsos ASI as Canada’s leading copy testing and in-market advertising assessment organization, delivering top notch service to our clients across the country. He will no doubt continue to shine in this new leadership role.”

With close to three decades of research experience, Bingham brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership acumen to the role. He has been with Ipsos ASI since 1997, much of that leading client service teams. In this new role as President, he will lead Ipsos ASI across Canada, implementing strategic measures and managing staff and financial matters for the company’s advertising research teams in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

“The ever dynamic and melding cloud of technology, media and advertising has both changed and challenged the way brands communicate. And that means, more than ever, research and consumer understanding is key to success,” says Bingham. “I’m excited to be leading Ipsos ASI in Canada during this period. Our goal is to help marketers and advertisers connect the dots and make stronger connections with their consumers, wherever they may be. Despite new technologies and new ways of brand communications, that principle will continue to be our focus at Ipsos ASI – in Canada and around the world.”

Gordon Bingham is based in Toronto.

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Ipsos ASI Gets a Leadership Boost in Canada

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Elen Alexov
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