Consumer Media Habits Shifting Rapidly Toward Online Video and Mobile Devices; 22% of Time Online Is Now Spent Watching Video

Latest Findings from Ipsos’ LMX Tracking Study Show Tablet & Smartphone Ownership Spike Amid a “Media Technology Sea Change”

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New York, NY – Consumer media habits are shifting rapidly toward online video and mobile devices, according to Ipsos MediaCT’s LMX (Longitudinal Media Experience) tracking study, highlights of which were publicly released recently. Wave 11 of the LMX study, conducted in Q2 2013, found that 22% of a consumer’s total time online is now spent watching video, up from 15% one year ago. The study also found that consumers continue to consume more media on the go and on individual schedules, with viewing video on mobile devices and time-shifted video viewing both up significantly.

As part of these broader trends, video subscription services such as Netflix Watch Instantly and Hulu Plus have also shown increases in membership. Over half of consumers have watched online video through a free video streaming website and more than one-fifth have watched it via a paid subscription service.

The trend toward video access at any time and at any location is part of a “sea change” in the technological devices that consumers own. The largest yearly increases are seen in ownership of mobile devices such as smartphones (61% vs. 51%) and tablets (34% vs. 21%), with smaller increases seen for laptops (77% vs. 72%) and eReaders (24% vs. 19%). At the same time, there has been a steady decline in ownership of less mobile devices like desktop computers, currently at 64% and down from 68% one year ago.

According to Mark McLaren, Vice President and Director of the LMX study: “Mobile and highly-connected devices are rapidly replacing less mobile and stand-alone devices, and facilitating the consumer desire access to any type of media, anytime, from any location. It’s evolution – survival of the technological fittest, with ‘fitness’ referring to how well devices and services fit into modern lifestyles and continually rising expectations.”

About LMX

The Ipsos MediaCT Longitudinal Media Experience study offers powerful insight into the total media and technology life of today’s busy consumer. 15,000 US consumers aged 13-74 annually complete the LMX media and technology diary, offering a timely, robust, and holistic understanding of the total media experience. Whether understanding emerging media’s relation to traditional media, or the effect of technology adoption on media behaviors, no other study offers a more comprehensive view of today’s media and technology landscape.

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Consumer Media Habits Shifting Rapidly Toward Online Video and Mobile Devices; 22% of Time Online Is Now Spent Watching Video

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