Nine in Ten Parents (91%) in 11 Countries Agree Talking With Children about Drinking Alcohol is Important

Fewer Parents (73%) Say They Have Actually Talked With Their Children About Alcohol

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brussels - A strong majority (91%) of parents with children between the ages of five and 17 in 11 countries agree on the importance of talking with their children about drinking alcohol, finds a new poll by global research company Ipsos on behalf of Anheuser-Busch InBev. A somewhat weakened majority (73%) indicate they have in fact spoken with their children about drinking alcohol, leading to a gap score of -19 points. The study spoke with parents from 11 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

Strong Majority (91%) of Parents Agree on Importance of Discussing Alcohol Consumption with Children…

Nine in ten (91%) parents with children aged 5-17 agree with the statement, 'It's important for parents to talk with their children about drinking alcohol' – 79% strongly agree, 13% somewhat agree. These proportions among the parent population in the 11 countries studied match quite closely with the opinions of the wider adult population, where 89% – 75% strongly agree, 14% somewhat agree. Those parents most likely to agree with the statement are from Germany, where the entire parent population (100%) agrees. They are followed by: Argentina (99%), Brazil (98%), the United States (97%) and Belgium (97%), Canada (96%), Great Britain (96%), Russia (93%) and Ukraine (90%) while Mexico (92%) and China (46%) round out the list.

…Considerable Gap (-19 points), however, Exists Between Parents Who Agree on Importance (91%) and Those Who Say They Have Actually Spoken About the Issues with Their Kids (73%)

A weakened proportion of parents (73%) say ‘yes’ when asked if they have talked with their children about drinking alcohol, a weaker proportion of parents, while three in ten (27%) ‘no’.

Those from Germany (82%) are most likely to say they have actually spoken about the topic with their children, followed by Argentina (81%), Belgium (79%), Brazil (77%), Mexico (76%), the United States (74%), Canada (74%), Great Britain (73%), Russia (69%), Ukraine (66%) and China (47%). Across all 11 countries, there is a gap of -19 points between the proportion of those who say they have actually spoken with their children and the proportion who say it is important to have the talk. Only China has a positive gap score of +1 point, meaning that parents there appear to talk with their kids and value the conversation about drinking to a similar extent.

The rest of the gap scores are negative, meaning parents seem to be more likely to say the issue is important than to actually have the talk. The largest negative scores are found in Russia (-24 pts), Ukraine (-24 pts), the United States (-23 pts) and Great Britain (-23 pts). They are followed by Canada (-22 pts), Brazil (-21 pts), Argentina (-18 pts), Belgium (-18 pts), Germany (-18 pts) and Mexico (-16 pts).

Age of Kids is Top Reason for Not Having the Conversation

Parents were asked to consider the reasons why they have not talked with their children about drinking, from a list of options. The top reasons selected are: ‘feel child is still too young’ (78%) and ‘trust my children to make the right decision’ (20%). The average age parents believe is the appropriate time to start talking with their children about drinking is 10 years old and this varies somewhat across the 11 countries surveyed. Parents in China continue to appear most reticent to discuss the issue with young children as they provide the highest average age for when they think it is appropriate to start discussing alcohol with kids: 14. They are followed, in reverse order, by Belgium (12), Great Britain (11), Canada (11), Mexico (10), the United States (10), Argentina (10), Germany (10), Ukraine (10), Brazil (9) and Russia (9).

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Nine in Ten Parents (91%) in 11 Countries Agree Talking
With Children about Drinking Alcohol is Important


Keren Gottfried
Senior Research Manager
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