Ipsos Aims to Redefine and Mobilize Qualitative Research across Canada

Three New Hires Represent Next Step in a Continuous Improvement Process for Qualitative Methodologies

Monday, October 21, 2013

Toronto, ON – Ipsos is taking qualitative research in Canada to the next level. From focus groups to mobile technology, today’s qualitative researcher is connected to consumers and always looking to dig for deeper insights. Three of the industry’s brightest stars have just joined Ipsos as part of a continued effort to uncover fresh perspective through new and innovative methods: Leeanne Smart and Serra Shular in Toronto and Aisling Murphy in Vancouver. Gary Bennewies, CEO and President of Ipsos in Canada, made the announcement.

“Many marketers equate qualitative research with focus groups, and while that’s an important component, it is far from the full picture,” says Gary Bennewies. “We’re looking to reshape that perception, taking full advantage of Ipsos’ global resources and expertise in the field, and exploring and exploiting new technologies and methodologies for a more robust solution to qualitative research. And with Aisling, Serra and Leeanne on board, we’ll be able to boost these solutions within the Canadian market.”

Leeanne Smart

In Toronto, Leeanne Smart, joins as Senior Vice President with Ipsos Healthcare. Smart is a highly seasoned leader and insight strategist with over 20 years of experience in business and marketing management, and custom research. Prior to Ipsos, she worked in strategic direction and qualitative research at in-sync Consumer Insights, guiding clients in the pharmaceutical sector, followed by her work at Smart Insights & Ideas Inc., a research consultancy she founded. Smart began her career in organizations such as DeBeers, General Mills and Cadbury. At Ipsos, she will help companies in the healthcare sector uncover insights into their consumers’ needs.

Serra Shular

Also joining the team in Toronto is Serra Shular, Associate Vice President, with 16 years of consumer research experience, with nearly a decade focused exclusively on qualitative research. Shular’s qualitative methodology experience includes focus group moderation, in depth interviews, consumer immersions and ethnography in usage/situational environment. She previously worked with the Research Strategy Group, the Hazelton Group, and Solutions Research Group.

Aisling Murphy

In Vancouver, Aisling Murphy, Associate Vice President, brings over 13 years of experience in qualitative market research to the table, including expertise in both traditional and online qualitative studies. Her online approaches include interactive discussion boards, webcams, and live chat interviews and group discussions. She joins the team from Vision Critical and was previously with Hall & Partners Brand & Communications Research.

“This trio is just the start of what we at Ipsos expect to be a whole new way of thinking about qualitative research in Canada,” adds Bennewies. “Leveraging the depth and resources of Ipsos’ global reach and qualitative expertise while putting a distinctly Canadian accent on it, I’m confident that Leeanne, Serra and Aisling will help our clients uncover new insights in innovative ways that have a bigger impact on their brand and their business.”

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Ipsos Aims to Redefine and Mobilize Qualitative Research across Canada

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