Peter Stoffer is Canada's Parliamentarian of the Year

As Selected by Members of Parliament Who Participated in the Parliamentarian of the Year Awards Survey

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ottawa, ON – Peter Stoffer, the New Democratic Party member for Sackville—Eastern Shore, has been named Canada’s Parliamentarian of the Year by his House of Commons peers in the seventh annual survey of Canada’s 305 sitting Members of Parliament (MPs). The study was conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Maclean’s in partnership with Historica Canada and L’Actualité, and is designed to honour the public service of Canada’s parliamentarians.

Based on the scoring system outlined below Stoffer received 28 points to win Parliamentarian of the Year. The two runners-up for this award are Elizabeth May (Green) at 26 points and Stephen Harper (Conservative) at 26 points.

The objective of the survey was to allow all MPs the opportunity to recognize and honour their peers across party lines for their performance in the House of Commons and in fulfilling their duties as Members of Parliament.

In addition to the parliamentarian of the year award, awards were given to members winning in each of six categories: hardest working; best orator; best at representing their constituents; most collegial; most knowledgeable about the issues of the day; and rising star.

The winners and runners-up within each category are identified in the table below.

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There are 305 MPs currently sitting in the House of Commons and 201 MPs participated in the survey as indicated in the following table:

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Each MP was asked to name the first and second choice MPs within their own party and the first and second choice members outside of their party in seven categories, including: hardest working; best orator; best at representing constituents; most collegial; most knowledgeable about the issues of the day; rising star; and best overall. Please note that the determination of the best Member of Parliament was not based on responses to the “best overall” category alone, but was based on an aggregate scoring system (see below) that tallied the points members received across all categories.

To ensure that parties with more elected MPs or those parties with higher participation in the study would not dominate the selection process a scoring system was used. Members within each party were ranked on the basis of the votes they received both within and outside of their party. Each party was given 15 points to allocate among the top five MPs within each category. For outside of the party votes, parties were given points to allocate to MPs of other parties. Large parties were given 15 points to allocate outside of their party, while the smaller parties were given 5 points to allocate. Points were awarded in proportion to the number of votes received. The winner within each category is awarded on the basis of the highest number of points. The winner of Parliamentarian of the Year was awarded on the basis of the highest number of total points across all categories. No member could win in more than one category; in cases where a member earned the highest number of points in more than a single category, the award was given in the category where the member earned the greatest number of points. In addition, a member had to receive at least 10 votes in total to be eligible to receive points. Ties were broken on the basis of total first place votes.

For members whose parties were not large enough to allow for within the party voting, a weighting scheme was added to account for their position based on out of party votes. The members total points for out of party votes was multiplied by the proportion of total points awarded for that category by all MPs (15 points) in order to arrive at the number of points that that MP receives for “inside the party”. This method was used for the Bloc MPs, the Green Party and the two independent members. Based on this the additional points could not advance the MP more than one place in the ranking for that question.

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Peter Stoffer is Canada's Parliamentarian of the Year

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