Ipsos Launches Insight Accelerator to Expedite Innovation Process

Latest Offer from Ipsos InnoQuest Creates and Tests Insights and Ideas Consecutively in Just Two Days

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

New York, NY – Uncovering consumer insights and rapidly transforming them into winning ideas are the keys to success in today’s fast-paced market – and Ipsos InnoQuest is responding to this need with its newly launched Insight Accelerator. With Insight Accelerator, marketers are empowered to create and test winning insights and ideas through a high-speed, iterative process that takes just two days.

“We see our clients being challenged to develop bigger and bolder innovations in even shorter timeframes – that’s why we developed a high-speed process for getting to insights and ideas in days instead of weeks or months,” says Barbara Garau, Global Director of Product Development at Ipsos InnoQuest. “By utilizing our unique overnight testing capabilities and leveraging time zone differences to our advantage, we are able to dramatically shorten the insights-to-ideas process. Now our clients can keep the voice of the consumer at the core of the process and do due diligence in identifying winning insights and ideas without sacrificing timing. This ensures that ideas are not only stronger earlier on in the development process, but that fewer risks and costs are involved as well.”

Insight Accelerator leverages Ipsos’ four decades of experience in innovation to reach a deeper understanding of consumer motivations and needs to yield winning insights and ideas. It is unique in that it:

  • Fast-tracks the best insights and ideas for innovation;
  • Leverages co-creation, communities and real-time evaluation to aid clients in strategic decision-making;
  • Uses quicker, more efficient approaches through new technology, consumer panels, communities and online methodologies;
  • Delivers validated insights and ideas across markets through proven qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

“Like the clients we serve, we strive to be at the forefront of developing innovative solutions,” adds Lauren Demar, Global CEO of Ipsos InnoQuest. “Insight Accelerator is just the latest example of how we are using new technologies and methodologies to continually reinvent the way we do business in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

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About Ipsos InnoQuest

Ipsos InnoQuest is the Ipsos brand dedicated to meeting the innovation and forecasting needs of our clients.

Ipsos InnoQuest helps clients to maximize the ROI of their innovation processes through a unique, global end-to-end offer and deep expertise across a wide array of sectors. Central to our offer is our ability to provide validated financial metrics – even at very early stages – and clear direction for maximization of initiative potential.

We offer simple, intuitive tools built on a consistent philosophy of what drives innovation success, a comprehensive suite of tools for product research and development offering solutions throughout the product's lifecycle, and powerful simulation capabilities to help clients reach their financial targets. From the fuzzy front end to mix optimization, launch and beyond, we help our clients to maximize their innovation I.Q.

Ipsos InnoQuest is a specialized practice of Ipsos, a global market research company which delivers insightful expertise across six research specializations: advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, public affairs research, and survey management. With offices in 86 countries, Ipsos has the resources to conduct research wherever in the world our clients do business.

Ipsos has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999 and generated global revenues of €1,712,4 million (2 274 M$) in 2013, of which 52% came from Ipsos Marketing.

Visit www.ipsos.com to learn more about Ipsos’ offerings and capabilities.

Ipsos Launches Insight Accelerator to Expedite Innovation Process

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Allyson Leavy
Vice President
Ipsos InnoQuest