New Tool from Ipsos SMX Increases Mobile Engagement

Mobile Web App Optimizes Online Community Experience Through Responsive Design

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – We live in an increasingly mobile world with consumers most accessible while they are on the go. And with new tablets and phones entering the marketplace, companies need to be equipped with the right tools to reach their audience. Ipsos SMX, the company’s Social Media Exchange, has announced the release of Socialized Research Platform (SRP) Mobile, a web app that provides members with a more optimized way to view content, providing access to insights anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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The Socialized Research Platform is an online community platform that delivers an all-in-one interface for qualitative and quantitative research needs. It enables real-time, organic conversations, co-creation activities and other types of qualitative feedback in the same centralized location as quantitative studies. Ipsos is enhancing this product with a tool that creates additional opportunities for member participation by enhancing the experience across a wider range of devices, so that clients, participants and moderators can stay connected wherever they are.

SRP Mobile scales content for multiple devices with different screen sizes by leveraging responsive design principles. Content is optimized for smartphones, tablets and more, regardless of model or operating system. It captures feedback all within a modular, touch-enabled interface designed for accessibility and ease of use.

The main features of SRP Mobile include:

  • Optimized viewing across all major devices and screen sizes;
  • Real-time photo and video capture and uploads from existing library;
  • Discussions, blogs, quick polls and surveys;
  • Support for unique experiences along multiple customer segments;
  • Automatically updates new releases;
  • ‘Like’ and comment on any post.

“More and more, consumers desire ways to engage directly with brands. This app puts the control right into their hands in a more efficient way than ever before,” says Andrew Leary, CEO of Ipsos SMX. “It will play a part in helping our clients gain the insights they need to spur winning ideas that accelerate business growth.”

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New Tool from Ipsos SMX Increases Mobile Engagement

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Elen Alexov
Director, Marketing Services,
North America

Lisa Yu
Vice President, North America
Ipsos SMX