Millennial Moms Creating New Media Patterns

Whether searching for content to share with their children or multi-tasking during family television time, Millennial Moms increasingly turn to digital sources

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

New York, NY – Evidence of Millennial Moms’ growing passion for digitally-delivered experiences was quite evident in the newest wave of LMX Family, Ipsos’ study of the media behaviors and attitudes of parents and kids. From time spent using apps and watching online videos with their children to number of SVOD subscriptions, GenY Moms are increasingly turning to the internet to find entertainment to share with their kids aged 6-12 years old.

While lifts were seen across the board in families’ use of online entertainment, Millennial Moms and their children aged 6-12 spent 18% more time consuming app content and 14% more time consuming online videos than moms of other generations. Additionally, subscriptions to SVOD services were significantly more popular in families of Millennial Moms indexing at 135 compared to GenX /Boomer Moms. “This is an important finding not only because it provides a moment-in-time snapshot of what is happening in families today but also because it establishes where and how young moms are teaching their children to seek out entertainment content, “ says Donna Sabino, SVP and leader of the Ipsos Kids & Family Center of Excellence.

The allure of digital experiences also attracts Millennial moms while they are consuming traditional media with their kids. In fact, more than eight-in-ten Millennial moms reported simultaneously going online while watching TV with their children—significantly more than moms of other generations. From visiting social networks to generating social TV conversations, across the board Millennial Moms were more likely than other moms to TV-online multitask when consuming traditionally-delivered TV content with their children. “Moms are demonstrating concurrent consumption behaviors when watching TV with their children. This provides a salient model for kids’ own media consumption patterns moving forward,” observes Sabino.

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Millennial Moms Creating New Media Patterns

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