Alberta’s Ten Most Loved Brands Revealed by Ipsos

WestJet Flies High with Number One Spot, Followed by Safeway and Alberta Motor Association

Friday, May 16, 2014

Calgary, AB – There are some brands that devote significant time and energy to build strong emotional connections with consumers. And in return, consumers love them above others. Ipsos and Alberta Venture wanted to know what these brands were. After asking over 1000 consumers in the province to rate a variety of companies they have strong ties with, Ipsos unveiled the list of Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands. The results were presented during a reception event on Thursday, May 15 at the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel.

From number ten to number one, Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands for 2014 are:

10. Calgary Stampede
9. Telus
8. West Edmonton Mall
7. Shaw
6. Alberta Blue Cross
5. Mark’s
4. Calgary Zoo
3. Alberta Motor Association
2. Canada Safeway
1. WestJet

“The brands that occupy a place in the hearts of consumers focus on creating deep emotional connections, and WestJet has this in spades,” says Nicole Smith, Vice President for Ipsos Reid. “While they achieved remarkable scores across all drivers of brand love, one area that they have mastered is a unique brand experience. It’s highly personal and innovative. From their friendly customer service to viral campaigns, they have rewritten the rules to make the travel experience as pleasant and smooth as possible.”

WestJet representatives accept the 2014 Most Loved Brand Award at the Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands event.
WestJet representatives accept the 2014 Most Loved Brand Award at the Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands event.
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The Brands We Love study ranked 55 Alberta-based brands using a measurement approach inspired by Ipsos’ Brand Value Creator model. This model scores each brand based on respondent ratings for Personal Relevance and Brand Closeness. The study also examined eight key dimensions linked to how we interact with and actually love brands, including: Contribution to Alberta, Engagement, Innovation, Presence, Relevance, Social Responsibility, Trust and Uniqueness.

“Our research shows that consumers generally do more business with a brand they love over a brand they don’t. By successfully delivering on these eight dimensions, businesses connect with consumers, ultimately fuelling growth and increased profitability,” says Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President with Ipsos in Western Canada. “This study allowed us to take a moment to celebrate consumer facing brands in Alberta that are doing precisely that.”

The study was conducted in cooperation with Alberta Venture. The event’s presentation offered a detailed analysis of how local business tactics can impact rankings, and featured highlights from interviews conducted with the leaders of Alberta’s top ranked companies. A related study, BC’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands, was conducted in January of 2014, ranking 65 BC-based brands using the same approach.

The Brands We Love study was conducted online with 1,100 adult residents of Alberta between April 4, 2014 and April 17, 2014. These data were statistically weighted to ensure the sample's age and sex composition reflects that of the actual Alberta population according to 2011 Census data.

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Alberta’s Ten Most Loved Brands Revealed by Ipsos

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