Ipsos Loyalty Provides New Performance Benchmarks

Syndicated Study Delves into Consumers’ Views About Loyalty Across 23 Sectors in 30 Countries

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New York, NY – In today’s hyper-dynamic competitive environment, leaders hunger for clear indications of how they are performing in terms of customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty. So to keep executives in tune with consumer perceptions, Ipsos Loyalty, the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research, has launched a new syndicated solution that provides access to benchmark data across industry sectors and countries. Ipsos Loyalty Global Benchmarks is a quantitative solution that evaluates the comparative performance on key customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty metrics.

Calling on data captured since 2004, the benchmarks track customer ratings on over 50 measures of customer engagement. The study measures key performance indicators for an array of sectors, including and not limited to mobile networks, retail banking, automotive, supermarkets, general insurance, and energy. Additional information, such as market share, customer value, and reason to use, is also available upon request. All benchmarks are collected online via Ipsos Loyalty panels, with balancing on key demographics.

“The focus of the benchmarks questions are on customer experience, attitude and behavior in line with our award winning and Harvard Business Review published methodologies,” says John Carroll, Global Head of Clients with Ipsos Loyalty.

Ipsos Loyalty’s new offering will help clients to measure the following metrics per sector per country:

  • Loyalty metrics: brand preference, likelihood to continue, share of past behavior, recent behavior
  • Satisfaction: overall satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score: likelihood to recommend
  • Loyalty drivers: quality, willingness to pay, price comparison
  • Attitudes: relevance, differentiation, trust, affinity, familiarity popularity

“We are continually reinventing our offering and investing in products and tools that will help clients create meaningful improvements in their own customer experience programs,” says Ralf Ganzenmueller, CEO with Ipsos Loyalty. “The beauty of this new offer is that it helps our clients understand critical benchmarking information at a very reasonable cost.”

Ipsos Loyalty has been collecting benchmarks across the globe for over a decade. The most recent study, and by far the largest, was conducted in 2014, with benchmarks collected from 23 sectors, in 30 countries.

For more information on Ipsos Loyalty’s Benchmarks, register now for our August 19 webinar.

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Ipsos Loyalty Provides New Performance Benchmarks

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Elen Alexov
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