Traditional Marketing Still Makes Cents: See Where B.C. Marketers Put Their Ad Dollars

Recent Study Finds Online is Ubiquitous, but Traditional Forms of Media are Still Thriving

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vancouver, BC – Where are marketers in B.C. putting their ad dollars this year? What new and innovative tactics are they keen to explore? Ipsos Reid wanted to know, so in conjunction with the British Columbia Association of Integrated Marketers, we turned to marketing, communications and advertising professionals across the province to get a clearer picture.

“Marketing today is dynamic and constantly evolving,” says Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President with Ipsos in Western Canada. “That’s why we decided to canvass our province and interview over a hundred local marketers to provide a snapshot of what’s happening in this new environment. And when comparing the results to last year’s study, we’re starting to see some pretty interesting trends not only in digital and social—but also in the prevalence of traditional media.”

The study asked which apps B.C. marketers use most frequently in business meetings, and most cite Twitter (41%), followed by LinkedIn (38%) and Facebook (37%). In addition, when asked which sources marketers are getting their news and information from, the majority of respondents indicate LinkedIn (75%), followed by Twitter (56%) and Business in Vancouver (54%).

It appears as though marketers in B.C. have learned how to successfully navigate the shifting media landscape. Only 13% indicate they are concerned about the time that consumers spend on social media (down 6 percentage points from the previous year), 15% are concerned about decreasing print readership (down 5 percentage points), and 12% are concerned about mobile usage among baby boomers (down 5 percentage points).

Further proving a preference for new tactics, the study finds that online is showing no signs of slowing down among B.C. marketers. According to the results, the biggest gains were in online display usage, with 92% of marketers opting for this tactic. 92% also use search engine marketing and social. Mobile also hit mainstream in 2014, with mobile ad usage up 21 percentage points to 75% and mobile apps up 12 percentage points to 70%.

While marketers are increasing their use of digital, traditional forms of media are far from extinct. On the traditional side, our findings show that print is up 10 percentage points to 88%, radio is up 15 percentage points to 67%, and TV is up 22 percentage points to 64%. This is especially interesting when compared the last year’s findings. In 2013, 30% of marketers indicated that they would decrease spending in print, 22% would decrease radio, and 34% would decrease spend on TV.

“These results show that marketing budgets are changing this year, and not necessarily in the way marketers would have predicted,” adds Rodenburgh. “But overall it’s clear that marketing has gone digital: there’s a boost in spending among customer experience and product and service strategy, and especially in digital strategy and Big Data.”

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Traditional Marketing Still Makes Cents: See Where B.C. Marketers Put Their Ad Dollars

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