Parents of Kids and Teens Show Strong Affinity for Wearables and other Next Gen Tech From Certain Brands

The presence of young influencers in a household makes a difference when it comes to acquisition intent and brand preference

Monday, November 24, 2014

New York, NY – As we power toward Cyber Monday, families with kids under 18 years old are poised to continue their quest for connection and convenience as evidenced by their strong intent to purchase a variety of new tech devices, including wearable technology, over the next twelve months. Although Millennials are stereotypically associated with a penchant for technology, families with kids and teens have emerged as the technophiles to reckon with. Parents with kids 17 and under were significantly more likely to be aware of and interested in these new tech devices than folks without those influencers at home. Perhaps most importantly to marketers, parents also expressed significantly higher levels of likelihood to purchase. “Given the demands of parenthood today, it makes sense that these consumers would be among the first to gravitate towards next-gen technology solutions to help manage and enjoy their increasingly busy lives,” says Donna Sabino, SVP at the Ipsos Media CT Kids & Family Center of Excellence.

From now-standard family IT fare such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to newer devices such as wearable technology, 4K TV and 3D-printers families are leading the charge toward the acquisition of the newest gadgets. For example, one-in-five parents of kids/teens indicated they were likely to purchase wearable technology in the next 12 months as compared to one-in-ten respondents without kids. Additionally, twice as many parents of kids/teens reported being likely to purchase a 3D printer in the next year compared to non-parents. “Parents understand how quickly technology changes and are willing to make investments to keep up-to-date. Also, in families the cost of the devices is amortized over all the family members who will use them which can help sway parents,” observes Sabino.

In terms of brand preference, parents of kids/teens were significantly more likely than non-parents to be considering the purchase of wearable technology from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google/Android, Sony and Nike. “Interestingly, we see similar brand affinity from parents of kids and teens across studies. The presence of a young person in the household impacts not only device purchase at the category level but in terms of brand selection as well,” reports Sabino.

The Kids & Family Center of Excellence is a specialized resource within Ipsos MediaCT designed to bring informed perspective, expert thinking, innovative approaches and experience-powered analysis to clients with an interest in the youth, millennial and family markets. *Fielded via Ipsos US Online Omnibus, October 2014. (n-2011) Respondents are 18+ years old and representative to the US Online Population.

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Parents of Kids and Teens Show Strong Affinity for Wearables and other Next Gen Tech From Certain Brands

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