Ipsos Launches Digital Concept Testing to Increase Consumer Engagement and Provide Much Faster Delivery

Consumers Spend Over 50% More Time Reading Concepts with Ipsos’ New Technology; Clients Receive Dramatically Faster Results

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New York, NY – Recognizing that traditional concept testing approaches are losing relevance with businesses and consumers, Ipsos InnoQuest is propelling concept testing into the digital age. Their breakthrough approach engages consumers with “swipe-able” concepts, shortened-surveys, and the freedom to choose the device on which they will complete the survey. The end result is startling: consumers spend over 50% more time reading concepts and turnaround time for results is dramatically faster.

“When the digital revolution hit, the marketing research industry tried to apply the same old methods to new technology – without recognizing that the new technology had transformed the consumer as well,” says Lauren Demar, Global CEO of Ipsos InnoQuest. “With our revamped approach to concept testing, we are connecting with consumers on their terms with shorter surveys and more engaging concepts. The end result is a concept test that yields deeper insights than ever before with even faster turnaround – along with the same predictive power our clients have come to expect from Ipsos.”

Ipsos’ new approach to concept testing provides:

  • Device Neutrality: Surveys can now be completed on a computer, smartphone or tablet, enabling clients to plug into the fast-paced, digital lifestyles of consumers, as well as access hard-to-reach groups like Millennials and consumers in emerging markets.
  • New Swipe Stimulus: Ipsos’ new swipe technology reinvents the traditional concept board for today’s digital environment, which has been proven to elicit deeper consumer engagement: R&D shows that consumers spent over 50% more time reading concepts in the new format than they did in the traditional format.
  • Strategic Perspective on Innovation: Recognizing that concept testing also needs to deliver a better business outcome for our clients, Ipsos InnoQuest delivers innovation profiling with every study to help clients not only make decisions based on a concept’s performance, but also on how it fits with their innovation strategy.

In terms of turnaround time, Ipsos’ new digital approach significantly accelerates the delivery of full concept testing results.

Brad Bane, Chief Operating Officer of Ipsos InnoQuest in the U.S. and leader of the new concept testing initiative adds his perspective: “I’m pretty fed up with the idea of modernization being a code word for mediocre research. Our clients have a right to expect modernized, faster research that delivers more business value, not less. Anyone who tells you that testing a traditional concept on a mobile device is good enough has clearly not done the R&D work Ipsos has. We have developed a technology-driven concept testing approach that not only delivers faster research, but also delivers better research – so our clients can get more out of their research, not less.”

Ipsos’ new digital concept testing approach is available in the U.S. and the UK, with additional countries available in 2015.

Concept Testing That’s Over 50% More Engaging: A Webinar About Testing New Product Ideas in a Device-Neutral World
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
10:30am PT / 12:30pm CT / 1:30pm ET (Duration: 45 Minutes)

Register today! www.ipsos-na.com/knowledge-ideas/events/webinar-concept-testing.aspx

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Ipsos Launches Digital Concept Testing to Increase Consumer Engagement and Provide Much Faster Delivery

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Brad Bane
Chief Operating Officer, US
Ipsos InnoQuest