Ipsos Healthcare Launches Syndicated Hematological Malignancies MDx Monitor

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

New York, NY – Ipsos Healthcare, the global healthcare division of Ipsos, has announced the launch of a syndicated Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) Monitor focusing specifically on hematological malignancies.

The latest addition to the Ipsos Global Oncology Center of Excellence, the syndicated Hematological Malignancies MDx Monitor measures and tracks the usage of companion diagnostics (CDx) and other tests across a range of leukemias and lymphomas. It currently covers the US but will be rolled out in EU5 and other markets shortly. Based on the same overall approach that has been successfully applied to the solid tumors Oncology MDx Monitor (launched in 2012), it has been modified significantly to account for the different testing paradigms in liquid tumors.

Utilizing a panel of hematologists, medical oncologists and hematological oncologists, alongside a separate panel of (hemato-)pathologists, the study captures both perceptual and behavioral data on cytogenetics, mutational analysis, flow cytometry, minimal residual disease monitoring and other emerging molecular markers. Panel members complete a perceptual questionnaire as well as a number of actual, de-identified patient record forms and tissue/sample forms. Initially, the study focuses on CML, CLL, AML and NHL (indolent and aggressive), with additional cancer types to be added in subsequent waves.

Commented Pieter De Richter, Head of Ipsos Healthcare’s Molecular Diagnostics Portfolio:

“The molecular diagnostics market in the leukemia/lymphoma space is currently undergoing something of a revolution. Increasingly, cytogenetic information is being incorporated as a tool to inform drug treatment decisions; furthermore, the number of actionable mutations with a potential clinical role is growing at a rapid pace. Additionally, and in line with recent developments in the solid cancer types, large gene expression profiling panels are starting to make an impact. Importantly, the application of karyotyping and flow cytometry to diagnosis, prognosis and management, as well as the utilization of MRD monitoring, are factors unique to hematological malignancies, and necessitate a very different approach from that used for solid tumors. With the launch of this new study, we now offer the most comprehensive coverage of MDx/CDx testing in the Oncology space, covering a large number of tests and methodologies across a wide range of tumor types. ”

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Head of Molecular Diagnostics Portfolio
Ipsos Healthcare
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Vice President
Global MDx Monitors
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Ipsos Healthcare Launches Syndicated Hematological Malignancies MDx Monitor

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Ayse Levent
Vice President, Global Therapy Monitors
Ipsos Healthcare
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Pieter De Richter
Head of Molecular Diagnostics Portfolio
Ipsos Healthcare
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Joanna Butcher
Marketing and Communications Director, UK
Ipsos Mori
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