Ipsos Healthcare Launches Syndicated PD-L1 Testing Monitor in Oncology

Thursday, June 02, 2016

London, UK – Ipsos Healthcare, the global healthcare division of Ipsos, has launched the syndicated PD-L1 Testing Monitor, a timely addition to the Ipsos Oncology Molecular Diagnostics Portfolio.

The new study, designed to complement the Solid Tumours MDx Monitor, offers a deep-dive on the rapidly evolving and highly complex PD-L1 expression testing landscape – an important biomarker in the immuno-oncology space. Specifically, the study measures and tracks awareness, perceptions and detailed usage metrics around PD-L1 expression testing across all solid cancer types. It is currently available in the US with rollout to other markets planned.

The holistic perspective provided by the new study combines attitudinal and real-world usage data. First, a multi-stakeholder panel of medical oncologists, pathologists and lab directors completes a perceptual questionnaire, which covers; awareness and usage of PD-L1 testing by cancer type and histology, drivers for and barriers to PD-L1 testing, awareness and perceptions of the various test kits and antibodies available for PD-L1 testing, drivers for test kit/antibody choice, test kit/antibody availability and selection, testing location and logistics, and ordering procedure for PD-L1 expression testing.

Secondly, oncologists and pathologists complete a number of records for actual, real-world patients and samples that have been recently tested for PD-L1 expression. Records, collected on an ongoing basis throughout the year, are designed to capture detailed information on the PD-L1 expression tests themselves, as well as the context in which they were conducted. Key metrics include: the use of archival versus fresh tissue, the assay/antibody used, reasons for brand selection, cut-off points used, percentage staining, tumour cells versus infiltrating immune cells, platform usage, impact on treatment selection, report contents, test ordering information, location of testing and turn-around times.

Due to the continuous data collection methodology and the focus on one specific biomarker, a large and robust dataset will be possible, allowing for detailed segmentation of a highly fragmented and dynamic market.

Commented Pieter De Richter, Head of Ipsos Healthcare’s Molecular Diagnostics Portfolio:

“The evolving PD-L1 testing story is unique in its level of complexity, pace of change and lack of standardisation. Now, by combining perceptions of multiple stakeholders with robust real-world behavioural data, we are able to form a complete picture of the PD-L1 testing market. This highly focused approach complements the picture of the broader CDx testing market provided by the Ipsos Solid Tumours MDx Monitor.”

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Ipsos Healthcare Launches Syndicated PD-L1 Testing Monitor in Oncology

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