Ipsos ASI is a leader in communications research, and is the largest provider of advertising pre-testing services in the world. We offer a full range of advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the communications development process, and to maximize the return on their communications investment.

Featured Products & Tools

ASI: Check

Never has it been more important to check ad performance and monitor the competition. ASI:Check goes beyond the limitations of costly and time-consuming conventional research, allowing you to take the pulse of your creative in an instant.


A pre-testing solution designed to optimize creative by diagnosing what is and isn't working with your advertising — in one day.

Media Planner*360

Media Planner*360 is a research, analysis, and a simulation tool that improves the media planning process by maximizing your touchpoint exposure and optimizing spending.


A continuous or wave tracking program designed to monitor your brand's health.


ASI:BrandShout taps into the power of mobile to ask consumers how they react and engage with your brand, measuring interactions at the very moment they happen.


The only digital optimization tool that fits the gap between creative pre-testing and in-market tracking. ASI:LiveTest tests both your creative and media in a live environment, providing the real effects of your campaign.


To ensure great creative primed for engagement, ASI:Connect offers you fast and robust pre-testing across all forms of media.

Big Idea

Ipsos ASI’s Big Idea is a collaborative approach used to quickly and reliably assess the power and scalability of your ideas and those of your agency.

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