Specialty Panels

Diary Panel

Get in touch with the spending habits of Canadian households. The CPC Diary Panel in Canada is our largest Canadian tracking panel and has been measuring monthly purchasing in 4,800 households by mail for more than 30 years. Currently, CPC panel members report their purchases in a variety of categories, including digital images/film processing, greeting cards/gift wrap, deli meat, cereal, convenience food and financial.

Sufferer Panel

The Sufferer Panel consists of 90,000 individuals, pre-screened for over 30 acute and chronic medical conditions. We provide direct access to information about patients' medical conditions, treatment options, and preferences. A similar panel is available with Canadian members.

Global Panel

Need research with global reach? We have panelists around the world, with 2.3 million online panelists, in three continents and 24 countries. Our global research services and dedicated teams in countries around the globe ensure that you receive the international perspective you need.

We have extensively recruited in Europe – imagine having immediate access to panel recruits numbering 875,000 households strong: 500,000 individuals in France, 375,000 in the United Kingdom, 110,000 in Italy, and just under 100,000 in Germany.

We are also the largest marketing research company in Latin America with operations in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Plus, the Ipsos network extends to almost all corners of the globe, including Australia and Hong Kong, and just about everywhere else that you can think of.

In countries where an Ipsos company is not present, we partner with other approved companies, doing whatever it takes to capture the breadth of international insight required.


AnneLambert Anne Lambert
Panel Coordinator
Ipsos Reid's Consumer Panel of Canada

KristaKnight Krista Knight
Director, North America
Ipsos Custom Panels

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