Health & Pharmaceuticals

Evidence Generation, Value and Access Center of Excellence

Ipsos Healthcare strengthen the development of product value proposition by integrating evidence generation & market access strategies.

Stakeholder Value Assessment

Stakeholder Value Assessment is a robust decisionmaking tool which integrates qualitative research among relevant stakeholders with key market insights from secondary data.

Early Compound Assessment

The Early Compound Assessment includes a thorough assessment of the target market, including a map of the key stakeholders, potential market events, and an understanding of critical market dynamics.

Comprehensive Decision Modeling

Comprehensive Decision Modeling is a system that uses primary survey research and advanced forecasting techniques to answer the toughest pharmaceutical business questions with confidence and accuracy.

Medical Devices & Technology

Ipsos Healthcare provides cutting edge insights for marketers of medical devices and technology products.


OncoListener is a cost-effective, real-time monitoring of social media buzz on oncology brands & markets.

Global Oncology Center of Excellence

Fluency in oncology is not just about talking the talk; it’s about walking the walk by delivering oncology services, data sources and expertise that encompass our clients’ every need...

Ipsos Healthcare SEES

Ipsos Healthcare SEES is a series of disease-specific syndicated ethnographic studies – delivered by the disease experts from Ipsos Healthcare’s Global Therapy Monitors and the anthropologically-trained researchers from Ipsos’ Ethnography Centre of Excellence.

Oncology MDx Monitor

Part of the Global Oncology Monitor suite, the Oncology MDx Monitor aims to provide a complete understanding of the trends, drivers and barriers within the molecular diagnostics landscape – and how they impact diagnosis, management and treatment.

Global Oncology Monitor

With over 200 different types of cancer, over 60 different organs in which it can occur, and a myriad of genes and proteins that are linked to malignancies, oncology has a language of its own, understanding that language requires comprehensive data and a highly trained team of experts to interpret it.

Global Therapy Monitors

Ipsos Healthcare’s syndicated patient chart audits, which span established and emerging markets, can answer the major questions your brand have.

Oncology Molecular Diagnostics Monitor

The Oncology Molecular Diagnostics Monitor aims to provide a complete understanding of the trends, drivers and barriers within the molecular diagnostics landscape, and how they impact diagnosis, management and treatment.

Adherence Dynamics Model

The opportunity for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies is enormous. Ipsos Healthcare’s novel new approach to address patient mal-adherence is designed to help realize that opportunity.

Researching Thought Leaders & Influencers

Thought leaders and influencers are not simply commentators on change, they are agents of change – with the power to affect the fortunes of pharmaceutical companies.

Commercial Strategy & Forecasting

Making informed investment decisions is a critical part of pharmaceutical product development and marketing strategies. Get Clarity.

Syndicated Therapy Monitors

Ipsos Healthcare delivers market-leading syndicated patient chart audits across a wide range of disease areas.

EXPECT – Expert Profile Early Calibration

EXPECT provides early guidance for product development through an innovative, hybrid qualitative/quantitative interview with Key Opinion Leaders.


Monitoring brand health requires more than just tracking. It requires vision.

Healthcare Dynamics Model

A comprehensive research approach developed in response to new multi-customer markets to help pharmaceutical organizations understand the key dynamics driving the market, as well as future opportunities for growth