Innovation and Forecasting

Ipsos InnoQuest helps clients to maximize the ROI of their innovation process with a unique, global end-to-end offer. Our solutions are designed to give you financial metrics at very early stages and throughout the process, as well as clear direction for maximization of initiative potential.

Consumer Goods Solutions

Get Insights In Less Than 24 Hours

With Ipsos Overnight, you can address critical business issues in time for your meeting tomorrow afternoon!

Identify Insights and Ideas at the Fuzzy Front End

Ipsos InnoQuest offers a comprehensive set of quantitative Fuzzy Front End approaches to help you identify the best insights, generate powerful ideas and decide which ideas offer the best potential.

  • InnoQuest*Insights identifies which of your insights are most impactful — using validated measures.
  • InnoQuest*Ideas quickly and cost-effectively screens your ideas using proven success measures.
  • InnoQuest*Ideas Overnight is the first and only overnight idea screening offer in the industry — get quantitative feedback from a representative sample of consumers in only 18 hours!

In addition to quantitative tools, we offer an array of Fuzzy Front End qualitative tools through Ipsos UU as well as Activation*Workshops (led by Ipsos UU and Ipsos InnoQuest).

Guide Your New Offer to Success

Starting with our validated Innovation Performance Framework, which identifies the nine drivers of success and compares your innovation to real-world competition, we offer concept/ product solutions designed to give you financial metrics and deep diagnostics - earlier in the process and at a great value.

  • InnoQuest*Concepts is our newest concept screening and testing solution, which provides financial metrics, Archetype IQ profiling and concept optimization.
  • InnoQuest*CPT is our newest concept/product solution, which provides financial metrics and concept/product fit analyses adapted from Synovate product testing expertise.

Optimize Your Mix

We offer a suite of solutions to help you develop and optimize your product, pricing, lineup and packaging.

  • InnoQuest*Product helps you develop new products, improve existing products and maximize a product's life and profitability, using a product lifecycle approach with leading-edge, flexible approaches at each stage.
  • InnoQuest*Price optimizes pricing strategies and tactics to maximize your revenue.
  • InnoQuest*Line optimizes product lines based on unit volume that takes into account consumer purchase behavior, production costs, retail space limitations, and stock outages.
  • InnoQuest*Pack optimizes your package by addressing the key package touch points.

Maximize Revenue Potential

We offer forecasting throughout the lifecycle — from as early as idea testing through to full STMs. Our forecasting our based on our world-class Designor® model — highly, accurate, completely flexibile and always rooted in reality.

  • InnoQuest*Designor is our validated forecasting model that delivers sales forecasts, robust diagnostics and powerful simulation capabilities, flexibly and realistically.

Take Control of Post-Launch Performance

Innovation doesn't end when a new product launches. We know our clients keep a close eye on their new product's performance, often using panel data to monitor sales, trial and repeat. While syndicated data reports the level of a product's market performance, we focus on the whys of your product's performance.

  • InnoQuest*Tracker identifies consumer motivations and deterrents to trial and repeat for new products within months of its launch.

Solutions for Durables, Technology, Financial Services, Health and Other Sectors

We also offer highly specialized solutions and expertise for innovations outside the CPG realm, including Financial Services, Durables, Technology, and other services. Our Vantis solutions are supported by the Vantis Database — the world's largest database of services, consumer electronics, technology, telecommunication, durables, and healthcare concepts.

  • InnoQuest*Vantis Concepts identifies high-potential concepts early in the development process and offers recommendations for product enhancements and marketing.
  • InnoQuest*Vantis Optimize optimizes feature configuration and pricing strategies and enables clients to link optimization results and volume projections using a fast and easy approach.
  • InnoQuest*Vantis MVP forecasts sales volume for new products, incorporating survey input, overstatement modeling, marketing plan simulation.
  • Marketing*Vantis Express evaluates each concept against normative data – more than 30,000 cases in the Vantis Database, across the technology, durables, services, and health sectors.

For the full list of services from InnoQuest*Vantis, please click here.