Lottery and Gaming

Ipsos Market Segmentation Research

Use Ipsos Market Segmentation research to define your target market and understand how to reach and connect with them in the competitive Lottery and Gaming sector.

Ipsos Draw Game Appraiser

Ipsos Draw Game Appraiser is a customized tool that helps lotteries understand the impact that adding or replacing (one or two) draw style games would have on both their current product mix and overall revenues.

Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™

Use the Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™ research tool to help evaluate the appeal of potential Scratch games prior to launch.

Ipsos Gaming for Money Loyalty Optimizer

Ipsos Gaming for Money Loyalty Optimizer is a customized research solution built on the combined expertise of Ipsos’ Lottery and Gaming practice and our Loyalty division.

Ipsos Scratch Price Point Optimizer

Use Ipsos Scratch Price Point Optimizer™ to help build the best Scratch games for your target market.

Ipsos Callout Optimizer

Use Ipsos Callout Optimizer to help select the optimal callout messages for each of the Scratch ticket price points offered.

Ipsos ConStruct™

Ipsos ConStruct™ is a concept building tool that takes the post-ideation concept development guesswork out of the hands of developers by extracting the ideal concept directly from the minds of lottery players themselves.

Ipsos Brand Power Research for the Gaming Sector

Use Ipsos Brand Power research to diagnose your gaming brand’s strengths, opportunities, and challenges, and identify a new position of brand power.

Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform for Lottery & Gaming Research Panels

Use the Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform for your lottery and gaming research panel and get meaningful insights for building a solid brand strategy.