Ipsos Specializations

Ipsos delivers deep expertise and best-in-class solutions in five major areas of research specialization:

In addition, Ipsos offers full-service capabilities in Qualitative, Social Media and Healthcare research within our core specializations.

  • Qualitative Research — Ipsos UU

    As the world's leading qualitative community, Ipsos UU is backed by a team of experts who share a collective passion for understanding real people in real life. For more information, visit this page.

  • Social Media Research — Ipsos SMX

    With a focus on Communities and Social Intelligence, Ipsos SMX helps clients inspire and accelerate business growth by putting the consumer voice at the heart of their organization. For more information, visit this page.

  • Healthcare Research — Ipsos Healthcare

    Ipsos Healthcare is dedicated to understanding the motivations, interactions and influences of the multiple stakeholders who impact commercial success in the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit this page.

Ipsos also supports dedicated centers of excellence in Data Science and Neuro and Behavioral Science that provide advanced techniques, solutions and counsel to our client teams.

  • Data Science — Ipsos Science Center (ISC)

    The Ipsos Science Center is a group that assists in incorporating Data Science solutions into Ipsos' offerings and enhancing analytics throughout our processes, products and services. For more information, please contact Bruce Tedesco

  • Neuroscience — Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Center

    The Ipsos Neuro & Behavioural Science Center develops System 1 tools to enhance non-conscious and emotional insights for decision-making. The Center offers a portfolio of advanced neuro tools including Biometrics, Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™), Facial Coding, EEG and Eye Tracking. For more information, please contact Elissa.Moses

Two Ipsos units offer comprehensive advisory services in predictive analytics and marketing strategy:

  • Predictive Analytics — Ipsos Marketing Management Analytics (MMA)

    Ipsos MMA is focused on helping companies apply predictive analytics to plan, execute, forecast and optimize their brand portfolios, marketing, pricing and product innovation investments. Visit mma.com for more information.

  • Advisory Services — Ipsos Strategy3

    Ipsos Strategy3 applies research discipline, design thinking and brand strategy to provide actionable insights to complex business and marketing issues. Visit ipsosstrategy3.com for more information. Contact: Oscar Yuan