ASI Digital

The future in advertising is pointing in one direction: digital. To help you better understand this medium and how it is changing the way consumers interact with your brands, Ipsos ASI created a new global practice to help point your in the right direction. This is ASI|digital, a team of digital advertising research experts dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the online world and helping you make better decisions.

Our objective in creating this team is to empower you to drive your brands forward in a digital world. We do this through a comprehensive suite of cutting edge measurement tools, thought leadership about what makes effective brand communication, and the significant resources and collective knowledge available across Ipsos.

To answer your key business questions around emerging media activities, the practice utilizes a variety of leading edge tools such as qualitative social spaces, social listening tools, non-linear automated surveys, passive measurement technologies, mobile data collection and traditional survey methodologies.


Gordon Bingham
President, Canada
Ipsos Connect

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