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Ipsos Loyalty is the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research and consulting with over 1,000 dedicated professionals located in over 40 countries around the world. Our creative solutions build strong relationships which lead to better results for our clients. This has made us the trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses on all matters relating to measuring, modeling, and managing customer and employee relationships. We are the recognized market, thought and technology leader in our field.

Creative Solutions

At Ipsos Loyalty we pride ourselves in thinking innovatively about the solutions we deliver, the way we tailor solutions to our clients, and the way we inspire clients to change and improve. We use cutting edge technology and are on the forefront of the practical application of mobile, social, neuroscience, biometrics and behavioral economics amongst other technologies. Furthermore, we have some of the most influential thinkers on loyalty and regularly publish our thought leadership in the world’s most respected academic and business journals. In fact, Ipsos Loyalty has published more award winning books and journal articles than all of our competitors combined.

Stronger Relationships

At Ipsos Loyalty we are passionate about customer relationships. We pride ourselves in understanding relationships, what makes them tick, and in particular, how to improve them. We understand that with ever increasing sources and volumes of information, executives are drowning in data and need simple, high quality, trusted advice on customer and employee relationship matters. We provide a comprehensive set of products and services to help our clients in three key areas: customer understanding, performance measurement, and organizational alignment. And all of our solutions help our clients forge stronger customer and employee relationships.

Better Results

Central to our latest innovation in measurement and insight is the ground breaking concept of “Rank Matters.” For our clients to succeed in this ‘winner takes all’ market environment, they must not only improve performance, but also perform better than competitors in the eyes of their customers. Understanding customers, measuring performance, and aligning organizations to become more customer-centric must all be set in the frame of improving rank and achieving #1 status in the minds, hearts, and wallets of customers. Ipsos Loyalty promotes real impact and better results in everything we do for clients.



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President, US
Ipsos Loyalty
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John Carroll III
Head of Customer Experience, US
Ipsos Loyalty

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Chief Operating Officer, Canada

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Executive Vice President, Canada
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