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Ipsos Loyalty is the market, thought and technology leader in customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty research and consulting. We offer a unique portfolio of creative solutions which address three key areas: customer understanding, performance measurement, and organizational alignment.

Customer Understanding

Key questions we address:

  • What is the ideal customer experience?
  • How do we integrate different sources of data for complete understanding?
  • What are our customers saying about us?

Ipsos Loyalty Solutions:

  • Ideal Customer Experience: A proprietary Customer Journey Mapping technique developed based on the principles of behavioral economics
  • Digital Voice: A social media and mobile insight solution
  • Big Data Analytics: A system to combine and analyze the voice of the customer with operational and financial data to generate insight

Performance Measurement

Key questions we address:

  • How are we performing with customers overall?
  • How are we delivering each experience?
  • How well are we complying with our standards?

Ipsos Loyalty Solutions:

  • Wallet Allocation Optimizer: A strategic customer research tool focused on improving rank and share of wallet
  • Experience Optimizer: An enterprise feedback management tool which captures critical incidents with the customer experience
  • Mystery Shopping: A global platform for auditing the customer experience objectively

Organizational Alignment

Key questions we address:

  • How do we engage the organisation to act?
  • How do we manage stakeholders?
  • How do we engage employees?

Ipsos Loyalty Solutions:

  • Employee Relationship Management: A market leading employee research and advisory toolkit
  • Loyalty Management Consulting: A comprehensive set of consulting tools and techniques to help clients move from insight to action and better results
  • Reporting and Action Management: A package of proven platforms for helping clients disseminate voice of the customer information and guide action which leads to stronger relationships



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John Carroll III
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