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Ipsos Loyalty is the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research and consulting with over 1,200 dedicated professionals located in over 80 countries around the world. Our creative solutions build strong relationships which lead to better results for our clients. This has made us the trusted advisor to executives across industry sectors in B2C and B2B on all matters relating to measuring, modeling, and managing customer and employee relationships.

Ipsos Loyalty is distinctive and differentiated in three key fundamental ways – market leadership, thought leadership and technology leadership. We wrap these leadership positions with a client service culture focused on embedment and facilitation of real client change and business improvement. Going beyond products, we do truly believe in the very human aspects of our business of customer experience professional services and we differentiate our firm by the caliber of professionals that make Ipsos Loyalty what it is.

Market Leadership: Ipsos Loyalty is the largest dedicated specialist customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty professional services firm with revenue of over $340 million and client service staff of over 1,200 located in 80+ countries in every region of the world. This scale and scope of operations allow us to serve the largest multinational companies on global engagements as well as the freshest start-up companies in markets all over the planet. Our products in the areas of customer understanding, performance improvement and organizational alignment are market leading and incorporate the latest innovations in applied behavior economics, neuroscience, and customer experience management. Lastly, we believe our organic growth rate which allowed us to more than double our business in the past five years indicates the strength of our client relationships and the premier status of our market position.

Thought Leadership: Ipsos Loyalty is the proven reference for thought leadership in customer experience and loyalty research. We have won more prestigious scientific awards for our research than all comparable companies combined. We are authors of some of the most influential books in the field and our peer reviewed journal articles and other papers are cited more than 3,000 times by scholars in their research. In addition, we published a paper recognized as one of the top 20 articles written in the past 25 years (by the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science) and were awarded Best Papers in the Journal of Marketing (TWICE), Managing Service Quality (TWICE), and Journal of Service Research. We have published recently in the Harvard Business Review (which received the NextGen Disruptive Innovation in Market Research Award), have a case taught at the Harvard Business School, and are actively working with professors from 15 top academic institutions including Harvard, Northwestern, Fordham, Vanderbilt, and the University of Maryland.

Technology Leadership: Ipsos Loyalty maintains a relentless commitment to delivering world class technologies to clients. From the latest Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) systems to neuroscience, biometrics, and eye scanning technologies to social media, engagement communities and applied behavioral economics using customer journey mapping, Ipsos Loyalty brings to market the latest and greatest technologies. We are experts in using technology to capture, integrate, analyze and present a wide variety of active and passive components of customer feedback. We are leaders in creating and understanding communities, and their impact on quality, satisfaction and loyalty perceptions. Our EFM systems include important client demanded functionalities such as: real time, mobile enabled, structured and unstructured data capture, analysis, and reporting, predictive and cross data set “Big Data” analytics, and closed loop action management capabilities. These EFM platforms which are growing in importance to our clients across sectors are continuously developing in terms of scale, scope, and functionality and allow the right information to get to the right internal stakeholder at the right time, all enabling program embedment into our clients’ organizations.

Lastly, we have a culture of embedment and deep experience facilitating real client change and business improvement. We viscerally understand that the success of any customer experience program is not in data, research, or feedback by itself, but in the ability of the client organization to embed customer information and insight into policies, processes and operations as well as institutionalize a customer centric culture. To achieve this truly lofty goal we insist on working with our clients’ internal teams (e.g. front line staff, communications, training, operations, coaching) to champion and build the spirit of positive customer experience into their policies, programs and processes. In fact, we regularly embed Ipsos Loyalty personnel on-site at client locations for the period of time required to facilitate customer centric change and regularly partner with our clients on multinational “road shows” to communicate and embed the program into field operations. As part of being embedded within client organizations, our client service team members expect to be called on to accommodate ad hoc consultative requests on short notice in order to help to meet the myriad of our clients’ stakeholder needs.



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