Ipsos UU - The Qualitative Research Specialists

Bringing life to life:

“We understand people. We understand life. Our research is about inspiring our clients, not just informing them. And we do that by bringing to life the world in which their brands live.”

We love the power of context to explore Life in real time, we love using technology to get us closer to people and their eco-system of influences, and we love going deeper to unearth the freshest insights.

Ipsos UU is the largest qualitative research company in the world with the biggest share of insights.

  • End to end insights
  • cross category shared learning
  • HOT and COLD research
expanded resources
  • Research investment
  • Funded innovation
  • Best talent attracted
efficiency leverage
  • Depth of experience
  • Perfected processes
  • Wide bench of experts
  • Penetrate underdeveloped markets
  • present in 85 countries

Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and striving to be a catalyst for change.


April Jeffries
President, U.S.
Ipsos UU

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