Brand Equity Measurement & Tracking

Media and technology brands are among the most valuable in the world today. With Brand Value Creator (BVC), we help our clients identify what is driving and holding back their brand’s equity relative to competitors. It is an intelligent, highly sensitive but inexpensive approach to an age-old question that has been validated globally and can easily be added to existing tracking studies.

With media fragmentation, it is becoming more challenging to understand how consumers make decisions and the role your property plays in a consumer’s path to a new belief, behavior or purchase. That’s where Journey Research can help. Using qual and quant techniques it helps advertisers and agencies to identify which messages delivered through which media channels and at which times will have the strongest impact for a brand. For media owners, Journey Research is very powerful in demonstrating the role of their properties in shaping consumer decision-making in any given category.


Peter Minnium
President, US
Ipsos Connect
Gordon Bingham
President, Canada
Ipsos Connect