Qualitative Research

Ipsos Public Affairs Qualitative HotHouse Research Group

The Qualitative HotHouse team conducts qualitative research that provides clients with “windows” into the thinking of stakeholders so that new and innovative ideas, concepts, and communications can be developed and advanced. We lead the sessions, interpret the results, and give our clients insights into the perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes of a target audience on a specific issue.

We conduct focus group and other qualitative research methods with all types of consumer and business groups, including specialized and often hard-to-reach groups such as youth, physicians and patients, C-Suite managers, IT managers and employees, engaged citizens, and aboriginals. In addition to French and English, we have conducted qualitative research in a variety of languages including Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, and Arabic.

Now, more than ever, we can offer a truly global research service via the International Ipsos Qualitative Network of agencies, one of the biggest of its kind with Ipsos offices in more than 40 countries, and partners in a further 40+. We have the most extensive recruitment resources of any agency today — backed up by a team of qualitative research professionals who are specialists in designing and managing international qualitative projects.


Brad Griffin
Senior Vice President, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs
Marc Beaudoin
Vice President / Vice-Président, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs
Trent Ross
Executive Vice President
North America

Ipsos Public Affairs