Ipsos Social Research Institute

The Ipsos Social Research Institute offers our clients the experience, expertise and methodologies they need to enable evidence-based decision making about their policies, programs, services and communications.

When it comes to research, we understand that the needs of public sector clients are different than the needs of our corporate clients; this is why we have a research practice dedicated to examining public policy, public communications and social trends in the Ipsos Social Research Institute.

We offer a complete range of services and methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative) to help our clients gather the evidence and information they need to make decisions. These include:

  • Assessment tools for measuring the likely impact and perceived value of new policies/programs
  • Priority setting exercises where policies/programs are traded off and overall objectives are refined
  • Public and stakeholder (internal and external) consultations on program and policy specifics
  • Communications and positioning — the development, evaluation and tracking of our clients’ communications activities (from earned media, to web sites, to advertising) to ensure citizens are aware of and understand clearly their policies and programs
  • Program evaluations and citizen/client satisfaction studies that measure achievements (both real and perceived) and provide recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Public sector reputation studies that look at how organizational reputation and positioning affects public confidence; ability to deliver programs and services and credibility of communications
  • Public opinion surveys and audits to measure behavioral and attitudinal changes
  • Messaging and issue management
  • Benchmarking tools / large international norms databases
  • Consultative citizen panels
  • Strategic social marketing research
Public Sector Research



Clifford Young
President, US
Ipsos Public Affairs
Julia Clark
Senior Vice President, US
Ipsos Public Affairs
John Vidmar
Chairman, US
Ipsos Public Affairs


Chris Martyn
Chief Research Officer, North America
Ipsos Public Affairs
+1 416 324 2010
Mike Colledge
President / Président, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs
+1 613 688 8971